Who made it?

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Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Submitted: February 13, 2011

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Submitted: February 13, 2011



Who made it?

Donald Trump?

This ugly mofo.

All he made or has is lots of money and a speech impediment.

Creating buildings and businesses but destroying people.

Hats off!


Yes, he made it to the cross and millions of idiots

killed millions of other idiots by never understanding his message.

Michael Douglas?

Oh shit, cancer!

He won the battle, well good for him but he´ll lose the war.

Mother Theresa?

Watching all those children die cause some rich fat asshole needs to overcome his dickfear with owning!

The woman of God losing faith in his existence?


A vision of all good and strong and educated white laim motherfuckers?


Chunky fatt ass, ignoring everything by just breathing in and out?

Mickey Rourke?

Putting a mirror in front of the establishment with a Rebel Yell but now

bending over and sucking up cause he needs a warm place to cry about his past?


The first black president of the USA, with handcuffs put on by still some white laim motherfuckers?

Alicia Keys?

Trying to save children dying because of lack of a 50 cent immunisation and lack of food and water,

stacking millions and marry an idiot who got "famous" for "where the cash at" and "it´s me bitches"?

If you aint no rebel with 20, you´ve got no heart.

If you are still a rebel with 40, you´ve got no brains.

Well that´s what I have then.

No brains.

But guess what?

I´m still in the race.

NOONE made it so far.

Not me, not you, nor anyone else.

But the race is still going on.

The race for being this someone who made it.

This one.

The one.


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