Why do I write?

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Empty Pockets full of Dreams

Submitted: February 20, 2011

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Submitted: February 20, 2011



Why do I write?

Do I write because I was so impressed by Charles Bukowski and I just try to write like him?

Do I write because I´m hoping to be able to make money with my poems in order to be independent from those systems I´m not fitting in.

Do I write in order to impress people, specially women, for recognition?

Do I write because I think that my poems could help others to see things in a different light so it could help them to reach a higher level of happiness?

Do I write because I´ve experienced things that I want to share with other people?

Do I write because I find pleasure in phrasing my thoughts, advices, insights, etc?

Do I write because I need to set myself intellactually above the stupid?

Do I write because I haven´t read a lot of good stuff yet?

Do I write because, being a known writer will make me meet famous people that I think are kind of like me, so I finally find people I want to be with?

Do I write because writers are getting lots of pussy?

Do I write because there is nothing better left to do?

Or do I write because something higher is putting words into my mouth.

Something you call God, Allah, the higher power, the universe or the all knowing?

If it´s you, well fuck you, kiss my ass you motherfucking idiot.

If you really exist, please strike me dead, right now.

Show me your all powerfull truth.

Show me who is worthy and who is not.

Tell me what you want and what you don´t.

Kill me if you want or don´t.

Hey, I´m still alive so I guess the reasons why I´m writing are all the others.

The human ones.

The reasons above.


Love for what?

Not them.

Not myself.

Love for something else?

What else?

No answer!

Which is not good, neither bad, maybe sad.

So the real answer to the question why I´m writing is undetermined yet.

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