The pink Glove

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this girl lost her dead mothers glove and its the only thing she has of her

Submitted: February 02, 2016

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Submitted: February 02, 2016



The pink glove

 There was a girl her name is Valerie John. She just moved to Verkhoyansk it is a small town in Russia  and it was one of the coldest places in in the world.her new house was in a old dusty grose part of town. But she did not think so. She thought that her house had a lot of character. all her stuff from the moving van came and she started setting things up by the time she was done she got hungry so after she settled in she put on a giant green coat with big blue flowers on it. She put on two big pink gloves  when she was done putting all her stuff on. She went out and it was snowing tiny little snowflakes. the snowflakes melted as they toughted her bright gold hair and all the little drops of water drizzled down her pale face. She was filled with joy when she saw the beautiful trees glistening with sparkly little snowflakes. it was the most beautiful thing she has ever seen. she stuck her tongue out and tried to catch some snowflakes on her tongue she cout 6 big snowflakes in her mouth.after standing there for a little bit she decided to go by pizza when she got to the store she put her gloves in her pocket but forgot to zip up her pocket. when she ordered. she went outside for fresh air because it was very hot  inside the pizza place. when she went back in her left pink glove fell in the snow. she didn't notice that it had fell out of her pocket. she got home an hour later she finally noticed that her glove was gone when her mom died she grabbed the glove they were the only thing she had to remember her by it took a couple of days  then she remembered she must have dropped it by the pizza place when she got there she walked in side the pizza place and the man that made her pizza saw her and said hey you blond girl you dropped you glove out side the pizza place a couple days ago her.the man handed the glove to her.

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The pink Glove

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