Three Hybrid Vampiers

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Enola, Isaiah, and Fang are drunk when they find a building in an old dump. They are in for it when they find out who is in the building. Now they are much stronger then before but now weird things start to happen.

(my story isn't done I am in the procces ofworking on it.)

Submitted: March 20, 2012

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Submitted: March 20, 2012



Chapter One


One day my brother Fang, my boyfriend Isaiah, and I, Enola where out at a party having fun dancing, singing and a whole lot of drinking. Then we decided to go driving in our IH Scout for a drive. We drove not knowing where we were going and found ourselves at an old dump that hasn’t been used over four years. Since we were drunk and uncoordinated we went through all the trash that was left behind and I mean ALL the trash because we didn't really have a plan for life because we were already rich so what more in life was there? Isaiah found this building he didn’t know what could be in the building so he went in out of curiosity. He was surprised that it was slightly occupied. I think he was more embarrassed then surprised. He saw six to eight people in the building he thought it was their house.

“Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to come in like this… I'm sorry we will leave now. I don't know what I was thinking. Barging in like that.... I'm sorry, have a good day or night whichever it is..."

"Oh no, no, no this isn't our house it's just a hang out spot. Please do come in” said; a young, tall guy, somewhere in his twenties with black hair that goes to the middle of his back. He is about six foot three inches he is also very slender. Light skin and blue eyes that look like the ocean.

"Yeah sure if you want us to. Um... One second. I'll be right back. It won’t take long I promise. I just need to go outside and see if they want to come in or not don’t mind me I have been drinking. We all have. Don't mind me I've been drinking; we all have," he come outside to get me and my brother. Isaiah was explain to us what he found and he said that these people said that we can come in if we wanted to. So we did.

When we got in Isaiah asked the young tall guy, "So do you have anything to drink?"

"Ummm…Ya.... Yeah Brandon?"

"What the hell? What type of drink is that?" Fang asked with a confused look on his face.

" Brandon is not a drink it is my friends name.... This is the drink." The people we were with us, handed us the bottle since we are drunk off our ass we drank the whole bottle. After we drank the bottle and talked about the environment and animals and people and anything in between I said, "Shee you tomorrow Tom..."

"My name is not Tom,”

"Thin what’s you name? I thought you said your name was Tom" Asked Fang.

"My name is Dustin, what is your name?"

"My is Fang,"

"My is Enola."

"And I is... I forgot because I'm really drunk," said Isaiah.

"He's name is Isaiah... I think," said Fang.

"We will shee you tomorrow morning Dustin," I said.

"Oh, we won’t be up in the morning we sleep during the daylight," said Brandon.

"O-o-okay, we’ll shee you tomorrow night than," said Fang.

"Ok, will do; see you tomorrow night,” said Dustin. So we left the cave like Dustin’s building and went home to have more to drink than we ended up passing out. When we woke up the next morning something happened. Something that we could not explain. It was so painful that we forgot we were hung-over.

"What is happened last night?” asked Isaiah.

I started to look around after I stretched "Wait why are we in the basement" I asked .I stopped to think about what we did last night and what we drank and how drunk we were.... We must have been really drunk to not know that we fell asleep in the basement. Fang looked slightly confused; Isaiah was probably thinking of me; I was thinking of what happened last night but yet coming up with nothing.

"I know why you guys are in the basement” a voice came out of nowhere paused. “I put you three down here."

"Who's are you and how did you get in our house and how do we know you" I was so pissed off and I have so many questions to ask this stranger.

"Brandon. Don’t you remember from last night? It’s nice to see you guys again Enola, Fang, and Isaiah... Enola and Fang are brother and sister and Enola and Isaiah are dating. It’s okay, you guys know me, we met last night in our building. You guys were so drunk last night. You were slurring your words left and right. I thought it pretty funny"

“Would you like to explain why you are in our house and why you moved us down to the basement?" I asked.

"I can explain everything. But you must stay calm.” Brandon said.

“Well fuck that I am really pissed I want to know: you, or why the HELL we are in the FUCKING BASEMENT? What the fuck happened last night? Why the hell dose my fucking head hurt? And why am I so fucking thirsty?" I yelled loudly.

"Yea I'm thirsty too..." said Fang

"Me three… I'm so thirsty I can drink the ocean."

"Well I brought you down here because the light will blind and burn you...And could possibly kill if you're in the sun to long..." Brandon explained calmly even though Enola was yelling at him.

"How can the sun blind and burn me I was in the sun last yesterday...I mean yesterday...Oh my fucking god!!! What the HELL did you do to me I'm so thirsty I can’t think or talk straight?" Isaiah freaked out.

"I didn’t do anything. I just did what our leader told me to do,” said Brandon.

"And what the hell is that he told you to do?" Fang asked impatiently.

"Well last night you asked" Brandon pointed at Isaiah " If we had anything to drink, and we only had one thing to drink...Our leader thought you guys should have some I didn’t think you guys needed or wanted this curse but he said give it to them and tomorrow help them understand."

"Okay tell us why are we thirsty and what are we thirsty for or do we want to know.... Isaiah asked.

"Okay this is the part where people disagree and then when we give them what can help them not be thirsty all the time then they say okay when the hell did this happen then we say when you drank the bottle of blood, and they say...."

I interrupted and said, "What! We drank blood last night whose fucking blood did we drink? Was it yours?"

"They say something like that and no it was Brandon’s blood he’s the leader"

"What! I'm going to go talk to him right now and I don’t give a fuck weather you say it’s okay or not I’m so fucking pissed off right now!...."I was screaming at Brandon and I started to walk to the stairs.

"Okay good” Brandon said and I stopped walking to listen to why he said good. “He wanted to talk to you anyways. We can all go. Besides you don’t you don’t even remember how to hey there you were drunk last time you were there. Remember?" Brandon said and then he started to laugh a little bit which pissed me off even more.

“I want to beat the living shit out of you right now. You stupid bastard.” I thought.

“Calm down Hun he is going to help us understand.” Isaiah stated calmly.

“I don’t care can’t I just want to scream right now so that he will leave us alone can I please. He deserves it. All he is doing is pissing me off even more. We don’t need him we have each other”

“I know but we need him now maybe later. Cheer up please. Don’t think like that lets get through this together you me and Fang. Okay?”

Fine whatever I will do it for you guys.”

“Thank you honey,” Isaiah is really good at keeping me calm.” Okay we’ll fly out of here right now before something happens."

"Wait you can’t fly yet! It’s way to soon for you able to fly you guys can fly in a couple day maybe but not right now.” Brandon sounded very shocked but wait a second and see how shocked he is going to be.

"Oh really are you sound so sure about that. Apparently he don’t know us very well guys. Should we?" I winked at Fang and Isaiah to indicate that we should. They both nodded at me say that they agreed with me.

"Holy shit! Where the hell did you guys get wings?" Both of Fang’s wings are four feet long so they are two feet taller than he is and they are black with a little bit of a blue tint. Isaiah’s wings are seven feet long he is five’ seven” and his wings are a dirty blond color to match his hair. And my wings were also black but a little lighter with more blue and a bit of red and since I am only five’ five” my wings are six and a half feet long. So as you can tell we have a big basement.

"Well have a seat it’s a long story," I said.

"Uhh....Umm Enola.. Right?" Brandon asked.

"Uhuh and this is my boyfriend Isaiah and my brother Fang.... And yes that is his birth name our parents were dumb and stupid and I think they were on drugs after he was born that’s why he has such an odd name but they cleaned up when I was born from all the stupid shit they did.”

"Well Enola we don’t need to sit we can stand all we want we are vampires’ remb...Wait you never knew...Well now you know your vampires."

Chapter Two

The Truth Comes Out

"Wait we’re vampires? So we drink blood. Do we kill?" Isaiah asked.

"No we don’t, Brandon doesn’t like to kill people; we kill animals; people tell us we are vegetarians."

"Why is that you’re still killing... It’s not like you go out and eat a salad or something. I think is that really silly. Don’t you think so sweetie?" I said

"Because we don’t drink people’s blood, we drink animal blood. Do you have a problem with drinking animal blood? Or would you rather drink human blood?" Brandon asked us even though I know he was just trying to get us to follow along with him. “I have a bad feeling about this guy sweetie.” Isaiah nodded so he agrees with me.

“No thank you I rather drink animal blood." I said “And I would love it if you drank animal blood with me baby..."

"Okay I would for you honey... Okay we want to drink human blood.... I’m mean animal blood. Fang what do you want to drink?" asked Isaiah.

"I want to drink human blood.” He paused and everyone stared at him. “I'm just joking I want to drink animal blood if I drank human blood Enola will be all pissed at me." Fang said.

"Well now that we got this all sorted out we need to go and see our leader he has something’s he need to talk to you about," Brandon said. When we were flying I noticed me, Isaiah, and Fang were the only ones with wings I guess they don’t get wings plus of what happened to us before this happened. They just fly like superman. When we got there Brandon was right Dustin was waiting for us. The first thing he said to us was... "Hello... Please come in....I'm sure you have some questions on this whole thing" Dustin said.

"Yes and no," Fang said.

"Yes we do.... Do we have to stay in the dark all the time? Do we have to stay here with you guys or can we stay at our home? Can we still live the way we have been but in the dark?" I asked.

"Okay we don’t need to go all technical we just need the basics..." Fang said.

"Yes we do besides I’m not done yet. We need to know as much as they can tell us,” I said.

"Well we can tell you a lot," said Brandon. We talked all day long till it was dark about on where we can eat, what is better, what to avoid and expect and so much more important stuff that we have to know. When Brandon showed us how to hunt the proper way we don’t make such a big mess of our selves we started to hunt on our own but some time we hunted together. One of the times we were hunting with Brandon, Dustin and the rest of their coven, I had to ask this question again because I didn’t get an answer last time.

"Hey Dustin I have a question." I said.

"Yea what’s on your mind." Dustin said.

"I was thinking all day and since we have been vampires and it has been bugging me... Can we leave here and travel around the world and not have to stay here?" I asked.

"Yeah if you want and you might run into some other vampires along the way it’s not like we are hold you here like a hostage." Dustin said with a laugh.

"Hey Fang, Isaiah can we go somewhere for a little bit I want to get out of this town even though it is a city thing but I want to go some place better... Please." I asked.

"I don’t know sis we’re still getting use to being a vampire.... I think we should wait at least another week what do you think Isaiah?" Fang said because he is a party pooper sometimes.

"I think it sounds like a great idea it could be lots of fun I do want to see the world" Isaiah said. Enola got a big smile when Isaiah said that. Fang hit Isaiah "I mean yeah we should wait a week.” Then I lost my smile but I know what I can do to get them to let me do it. And Isaiah knew what I was going to do and got a worried look on because he knew he was going to cave in because I had an evil look on and Fang didn’t even noticed because he was too busy drinking his mountain lion.

"Oh but come on sweetie I really want to go exploring I want to get out of here.... Please. We have been here way to long... And you know that I have been wanting to get out of here for a long time now... Please baby... Please can we go pretty please" I begged and made the puppy dog face. I know for a fact that that will work on him because he always gives in to it. Though Isaiah could agree with Fang but he just couldn’t say not to me when I begged.... Or do the puppy dog face. IT doesn’t feel right and he knows what happens when he didn’t listen when I beg and then do the puppy dog face I feel like he don’t care and he don’t want me to think that he don’t care about me when he cares a lot. It’s just an easy way for me to get my way when I really want it. He knows how much I want out. But he could not say no to me especially after the puppy dog face.

It was like he went back 12 years back when he was ten. He still remembers the puppy dog face and the begging then he said he couldn’t remember after he said no but that was back when I was a little brat and always wanted my way no matter how big or small it was. It had to be my way or no way

"Okay baby. We can leave town for a little bit” I got a big smile on my face. When Isaiah said that we are leaving town Fang made a face but he knew what was going on.

As Isaiah gave in to my begging. What Dustin and his coven didn’t know that my man could read everyone’s mind.

"I'm going to send Brandon to follow them to make sure they don’t do ant stupid things like bite someone and change them and not know how to train them and because I don’t trust them to be out on their own yet.” Dustin thought. "I want you to follow them so that the do anything stupid and remind them the rules but without them knowing you their okay? Do you think you can do that without screwing it up?” Dustin whispered to Brandon

"Dude why did you give in? Why do you always cave into her begging and that face thing she does? Come on you can tell her no it’s not that hard." Fang asked.

This thought is one Isaiah will never forget... "Thank you baby you’re the best thing that has ever happened to me other than having a brother that is a little bit over protected sometimes he needs to loosen up a little. You won’t be disappointed in leaving here I promise" I said then I giggled out loud.

"Okay it’s settled we’re leaving town. Now let’s go home and get things ready to go, and get out... Well your plan sorted out... Okay we will see you all in a few weeks or so." Isaiah said.

Fang started to laugh "Izzy are you a hillbilly...'You all'" then he started to laugh harder. Then everyone started to laugh. Even Isaiah did.

"Yea guess I am." Isaiah said then he started to laugh even harder. “Well we will see you later."

"Oh you will see us later.... Have fun you guys especially you Enola. You seem like a party type bitch who loves to travel and go to parties." Brandon said not knowing I hate that.

Chapter Three

Don’t Mess With Enola

"What did you just call me?" I asked very pissed off because I am not a bitch.

"Wrong choice of words bro. You might want to watch what you say to my little sis." Fang said, "she kind of takes that stuff offensively.”

"Why? What did I say?"Brandon asked very scared.

"The thing about ‘party type bitch she doesn’t like to be called a bitch, lady, girly, or little only Fang can do so right?" Isaiah said.

"Yea that’s true that’s ‘cause she’s my little sis.... Who has a short temper... A little too short if you ask me" Fang said.

"Shit.... I’m so sorry I didn’t know I had no warning nobody told me that you didn’t like to be called a bitch or anything. Please someone stop her. Isaiah your stronger then her stop her! Oh come on bro please... Help me..."Brandon begged. But Isaiah only caves in to me begging.

"Bro this is all on you. I never stop my girl when someone calls her a bitch. I never have. I just pretend to help.... And since you have some strength I won’t help. She just might have be stronger then you and I want to see if you get your ass kicked by my girl." Isaiah said oh so sweetly...... Not.

"I tell every man that, I come across if I think they are going to piss me off that 'I'm a woman of power and strengths and not to mess with me or piss me off. But every time I say that Isaiah and my brother are with me but mostly Isaiah. Do you know what they always say? Well for some stupid reason they always say something like 'yeah right girly why don’t you go back to the mall’ or “I think your just bluffing your just a stupid bitch you don’t know squat. Why don’t you just go back home and clean? Since that is the only thing you women know how to do is clean and cook.’

“That just makes me even more pissed and the reason why you haven’t said anything is because you know I have a lot of power. But I have more power than you think I do. By how I got them to go out of town just by begging and giving Isaiah the puppy dog face.... He caves into what I want to do it really bad or feel like we should. Now I'm pretty sure you found out by now that if I don’t get my way I get mad no wait I get pissed. Because it’s my way or no way that has been my saying for twelve years. Isaiah knows you can ask him but I don’t know if he wants to talk about it though. I don’t get mad at Isaiah like I am with you because I love him too much to get really mad at him. You pushed it way too far by telling me that I am the type of bitch who loves to travel and go to parties. Do I look like a fucking whore to you? It is true I love to travel. But I'm not a bitch I just get bitchy. That is way worse than what all the other guys call me. Since me and Isaiah have been together for twelve years now... To be specific I was ten and he was thirteen. And if you think I will go get mad at him for stopping me then you’re wrong. I never get mad at him..... Now you’re DEAD!"

I gave Isaiah a little warning. "Baby cover your ears and find away to tell my brother." Isaiah nodded and covered his ears and Fang saw what he was doing. “Okay my ears are covered let her know not to go all out on this one.” Fang thought. Isaiah nodded to let me know that my brother was safe from what I was about to do. Dustin and his coven wasn’t sure what they were in for.

After I was sure that they were safe. I did my shrieking power. My shrieking power is when I scream really loudly to break the eardrums of the person that I want. I did it for few minutes. Then I shifted into a tiger growled at Dustin then I jumped up on to each and everyone and scratch the shit out of them. Then I changed back to human form. Now I am having this really weird feeling. With all my anger I developed a new power because: a lot of veins, poisonous plants, and animals just started to attack Dustin because I am thinking angry thoughts. When all my anger was out everything went back to normal. I started to get al little weak then I fainted. Just before I hit the ground there was Isaiah catching me so that I don’t get my new blouse and skirt dirty.

"Are you okay honey? What did you do? How did you do it?" Isaiah asked.

"I. Don’t. Know....After I did shrieking I had this weird feeling and then. All that happened." I said out of breath. When we left Dustin and his coven... In shock….. Fang and I had a long conversation when we got home. Trust me you don’t want to have long talks about stuff like this with my brother. They go on forever and sometimes he repeats himself. But I know he does it because he loves me…. Funny way of showing huh.

“How could you get that pissed off at a fucking name. That you do your shrieking thing and then get this feeling and…”

“Weird feeling.” I interrupted.

“Oh weird feeling and then develop a new power and then use it without meaning or want to…. And now you can call animals whenever you want to.....” I called two blue birds over to the window and picked them up and carried them throughout the house. The reason I was walking around the house is because I want him to give me a break.

“You can also make plants grow and heal dead plants and trees, you can hear animals and oh let’s not forget you can help them give birth faster.” Fang said confused and pissed. “What if you couldn’t control your new power? What would you do then? Huh? You don’t know do you? Well I could predict what could have happened. You could have died today. I’m pretty damn sure you don’t want to die right now. Do you? I wa….”

"You don’t need to be too rough on her” Isaiah interrupted. “It’s not like she had this new power before today and not tell us. I would have found out way before she did that.... And besides I felt what was going on inside her head...... she was scared.....

She said 'sweetie I don’t know what’s going on if something doesn’t go right with whatever this is. Tell my brother I said I love him and thank you for taking care of me. And watching out for me all these years. Even after our grandpa past away and that was when I needed him and you the most. Because we were so close to him. I love you guys so much’ Isaiah said exactly the same way I said it in my head because of the mimic thing he can do. Sometimes he tricks me into thinking I am on the phone with my brother.

"Yea you’re probably right.... I'm sorry baby sis I didn’t know you thought that and no problem it's what family do and you’re the best family that I have since our grandparent’s past...." Fang said sadly.

"It's okay you’re just trying to protect me and I respect that. Now can we get ready to go I want out of this shit whole. Without them and I don’t want to live here anymore not near them.... Can we find a new place that is nice, pretty, has a beach and warm.... Please? Because if we stay here this is going to happen again" I asked. Then the guys started to laugh.

"Yea we can..... Anything for you sis..... Did you really say that to Izzy?" Fang asked.

"Of course I did.... And I didn’t know what was going on and I do love you, you’re my older brother and I am thankful for you taking care of me even though we are out of mom’s house..... You protect me, you watch out for me. I like it when you protect me.... I like it when you both protect me it makes me feel like....... Like nothing and nobody will mess with me. Even though I deal with the problems on my own it’s like you guys are teaching me something... Oh I love you guys you’re the best thing that has happened to me I’m glad I have you in my life " I said with a laugh.

Chapter Four


When we got the problems figured out we got out stuff ready. As soon as we were done getting everything ready the sun was down so it was time to fly but since we were flying we didn’t take much. We flew for about an hour. Then we stopped in Houston, Texas because we wanted to look around and I was in the mood for a rodeo.

"Baby what do you want to do while we are in Texas.... " Isaiah asked with a smile my guess is that he was thinking of Dustin’s pathetic little after I brutally kicked his ass.

"Umm.... This cowgirl knows what she wants to do...... First I want to get a hat and a pair of boats. Then I want to go to the Houston rodeo..... Oh I want to ride the bull too. Please can I ride the bull?" I asked with a big smile as if I was in cowgirl heaven.

"Uhh.... Umm never mind" Fang said because he to also thought of Dustin’s face and he don’t want anything to happen like that while we were around a lot of other people. So we went to the Houston Rodeo as I wanted to. After we got me a hat and boots because they don’t want me to get mad again. I think the guys think that I am still a little upset about everything that happened with Dustin. I probably would be if we were still back in Florida. When we got to the rodeo as soon as I saw the bull I got really excited.

"Isaiah... Fang can I please go ride the bull.” I said in the sweetest voice I can. I hope they will let me. “It sounds like a lot of fun. Oh come on please, please, please, please, please..... I promise I won’t hurt myself or anyone here" I begged as I always do to get my way... Just watch I will get my way like always. They know what would happen if I don’t get my way.

The guys thought for a minute or two… My brother is probably tell Isaiah all the reasons they shouldn’t let me. "Isaiah do you think we should let her she did promise not to hurt herself or anyone here. And that’s a lot for her to say.... I think we should let her.... What do you think Izz? I mean it is safer for her and everyone here if we do let her. Because she could do something then regret it later." Fang asked Isaiah nods his head and Fang said. "Okay little sis but you have to remember you promised not to hurt yourself or anyone here.”

I screamed because I was happy. From the looks of their face I screamed a little too loud. Then I started to jump up and down. “Sorry. Thank you I love you guys so much. You’re the best.” After that I jumped up on to Izzy to give him a hug and a kiss. I walked over to a stand that said ‘Bull Ride’. “Sign me up.” I said with a smile.

The women at the stand looked at me like: are you sure about this. She probably was thinking that. “Are you going to ride the bull today?”

“Yes I am what else is there to sign up for?”

“Well if you are crazy and exiting woman as I think you are. There is bungee jumping from a fifty-foot drop in an hour. And there is bareback riding, barrel racing, steer wrestling, team roping, Tie Down Ropers, and Saddle Bronc Riding. You interested?”

I looked back to see Fang and Izzy and from the looks of it Izzy looks way into the rodeo so he isn’t keeping track of my thoughts.

“Or are you too much of a girl to do these type of activities? I wouldn’t blame you if you can’t do them. I just thought you would like to try them. It don’t matter if you can’t do them. Then oh well” She had a small smile because she was challenging and I accept her challenge.

“You can bet your money on it. Sign me up for them all.” I just hope they won’t be made at me for going beyond what I said I was going to do. Oh well I will deal with them after the rodeo. “ What do I do first?”

“Well you will do the bull ride. Then you will go over there” she pointed to the right where there is gates and horses. “For the barrel racing, there will be people that will set up the barrels for you. Then after that the same people that set up your barrels will tell you where to go next and they will help you get ready for every event you are going to do. If you have anything in your pocket take it out now because we don’t need anyone getting hurt by something you brought to this event. Do you have any questions?” Oh my god she talks as much as Fang does.

“Yes when do I have to go down to get ready for the bull ride?”

“In fifteen to twenty minutes they will announce it over the speaker phone. Anything else?”

“No thank you.” I said and went back to sit with Fang and Isaiah.

“So how did things go at the sing up stand?” Isaiah asked I hope he was well distracted.

“It went really good she said that they will announce when I need to go get ready.” I informed him hoping I wasn’t giving anything away. I also hope that I don’t look like I am hiding anything.

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