The AMAZING personality quiz! :D

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I dont even know what a Miscellaneous is! :P but this is a quiz to find out your personality. TRY IT TODAY!

OKay so here are a few rules,

1. I will ask a few mutiple choice questions and all that you need to do is answer with honesty.

2. You can just answer in the comment box and can give some helpful advice/feedback aswell. Make sure to post all of your answers.

3.Afterwards I will respond on your page with a simple responce.

4.If I am not accurate or get you completely wrong just complain on my page, and I will personally let you kick my ass!

OKay so,

1. You get in a HUGE fight with a guy/girl that you BOTH like, you saw this person first and he/she knows you liked him/her. However, your buddy (The guy/girl whom you were in a conflict with, has been your besty since grade one) you,

A)Go for the girl/guy, all is fair in love and war right?

B)Don't talk to either of them, he/she is just going to turn people against you, plus your friend should have understood!

C)Forget the guy/girl, and try to work thing out with you pal, you've known this person longer! The crush is NOT worth it!

D)Whatever, does it really matter?

2. What is your favourite hobby? (If what I listed is none of the above simply list your answer in the comment box, thanks)

A)Writing/Poetry, thats why I joined booksie.

B)Drawing/design of any sort.



E)Medical, eg. Nursing/Docter/Dentist

F)Buisness/Governmet work

3. What is your favourite KIND of colours?


B)Prep all of the way!

C)Environment colours, saving the planet is cool!

D)Assorted, I like anything as long as it is cool looking when I wear it!

(Optional) What kind of cirlcle of friends to you hang with? eg. Emos, goody goodys, smokers, nerds, popular, tree huggers, assorted...

After this you may list some other things about yourself you wish to tell me and I will send you the results!

Submitted: October 16, 2008

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This seems cool!

1. C)
2.A) or D)
3.A) or C)

I LOVE taking care of the environment and writing alot! I'm also a MAJOR poet! :P lol Umm,, I like to hang out,and I am often called a goody toe shoes, lol!

I cant wait for the results!

Thu, October 16th, 2008 3:00am

Daemonic Resplendence

2:A and B (come on, i can't choose between my two passions:()
3:A (i'm a goth!:)

i hung out with everyone who is not fanatic.

-i like comics and anime!
-i like supernatural things
-i believe in magic
-i like stories
-i don't like religions
-Final Fantasy and kingdom hearts are holy for me

Thu, October 16th, 2008 10:49am


C - I don't bail on my friends, and I generally don't win people over IRL that easily. >.> So there's no point in pursuing it anyways, y'know?
B - I draw far too much for my own good. I love to write too though, hence my joining of Booksie, but I'm far more active on deviantART. And I live for my art class.

Fri, November 7th, 2008 1:08am

Me Against The World


I hang out with hyper, talkitive emos! Some of them happy! ODD, HUH?

Few things about me:
-I've danced almost my whole life, when I didn't dance I did gymnastics.
-I've always been the quiet depressed person that every makes a big deal about.
-I'm emotional and different, nothing like emo but that's what people say I am.
-I have odd phrases like...
suicide hotline please hold,
rape me,
castration and rusty pliers,
Hi Sam, I'm going to rape your boobies.

Try to explain me, I'm so confusing, you won't get a letter of your comment correct. :)


Sun, November 16th, 2008 1:46am


1. D
2. Other, getting tattooed
3. Other, red and black

Sun, November 16th, 2008 2:05am


A)Go for the girl/guy, all is fair in love and war right?
A)Writing/Poetry, thats why I joined booksie.

About me:
I hang out with the "emo" kids, but I don't like stereotypes. I love animals and am a big time tree hugger. Art is my passion, but I'm no good at drawing, so I stick to writing and photograghy. I'm a little crazy and random, but I'm funny too. I'm smart. And I'm a bit shy untill you get to know me.
Tell me when the results are in!

Tue, November 18th, 2008 2:04am

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