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In an alternate future where japan is communist country, two spy are sent behind enemy lines to collect battle plans.Their mission could win or lose the war.

Submitted: August 22, 2012

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Submitted: August 22, 2012




Hello. My name is Louie and I am about to relive the most interesting of my many missions for the NAIA, or North American Intelligence Agency. The year is 2018 and ever since communist China took over Japan in WWII, the democratic countries of the world and the commies have been bitter rivals and the North American army believes Japan is planning to attack Canada and America with weapons of mass destruction. That’s why a new agent named Ryan and I were being sent into a forest two miles away from the OCJ’s (organization of communist Japan) main base. Our mission control commander, Shaun, just finished telling us that we have to break into the base, retrieve the battle plans and return to the Headquarters in order to complete the mission. I’ve never been on a mission with less than 5 agents and I’ve also never led a mission. As far as I know, the new kid has never been on a mission before at all. He just got out of spy school and I think he’s in his early twenties. I m 36 and grew up homeless on the streets of Cleveland. The new kid has a country accent and talks a lot about his old southern town called, um… Semiville or Samiville or something like that. I have no idea how he got into spy school, but I got in by knowing a baker who gave me food that happened to be a former spy, and he thought I was perfect for the job.

“There is also new technology on these UZI sub machine guns. The ‘auto-aim’ feature will adjust the barrel in order to hit the target. It works within 50 yards.” Shaun said. “We have also just implanted tracker devices into both of your palms. Would you like to see how they work?” ”Yeah!” Ryan said with a lot of enthusiasm. Shaun then showed us a screen that had two dots on it. Then, one dot started to flash. I looked over at Ryan and saw him pressing on his palm to the same rhythm. I was about to say something when Shaun, who was twiddling his thumbs instead of paying attention, said “That’s all you'll need to know tech-wise. Have a good mission.”

Shaun then left the room and we were led into a small Cessna plane and within 2 minutes, we took off. It was a rather uneventful flight; ignoring the fact that Ryan couldn’t stop freaking out because it was his first flight. We landed in a small airport and, based on my translation training, it was Japanese. We took a helicopter from there to our insertion point. Our pilot then started yelling”Jump! Jump!” and he handed us each parachutes. “Just like practice!” I yelled to Ryan over the roaring of the helicopter blades. I flung myself out the door and seconds later I pulled the cord and my parachute shot out. I looked behind me just as Ryan pulled his cord and nothing happened. He yanked it harder and still no parachute. It wasn’t until he was 10 feet under me that his emergency parachute shot out. “That was close” I yelled down to him. “No kidding! I almost died!” He yelled back, with relief. “We need to start planning” I said, just loud enough for him to hear. “When we land, we will have to find place for a temporary shelter. I have one camo tarp, but nothing to support it. Well have to cut posts from wood we find. We should also build a fire with lots of green leaves, and light it when we leave so it makes a lot of smoke to confuse them.”

We were probably 50 feet from the ground and coming down fast. Within a couple seconds, I hit the ground with a tuck and roll. I quickly stood up only to be scared out of my mind by a huge, slobber-covered golden retriever. I pulled my combat knife out of its sheath and yelled mindlessly at the beast. It whined and walked under a shady tree. I then heard Ryan screaming “Stop! No! Who do you think you are!?” He ran to the dog and sat down next to it. He scratched and rubbed it and I’ll admit, I felt more than a twinge of guilt. “You almost killed him.” he said in a way that made me think he was going to cry. “Calm down! It was an accident!” I said defensively. I didn’t see the big deal any way. It was just an animal. “We’re keeping him.” He said Matter-Of-Factly. ”What?! He will endanger the mission!” I screamed in anger.” It s the least you could do, after almost killing him. Besides, he might help us.” he replied in protest. “This is outrageous. If were keeping him, then he is yours and I have no responsibility for him.” “Deal.” And that was that.

We decided to share a shelter. My job was to collect the lumber, while Ryan looked for a good building spot and planned how to build it. Anyway, I wasn’t finding a ton of wood anywhere, until I found this swamp that was loaded with dead cypress trees. I saw this one huge tree, but I would have to wade through some water to get to it. I figured it was probably worth it, so I started walking. I saw something splash a little near me, and then a black, Diamond shaped snakehead lashed out at me and I screamed for help. The black mamba barely missed my ankle, and was about to strike again when a big, loud golden retriever dove into the water and ripped the lethal, poisonous snake apart. Ryan then broke out of the forest and sprinted to me yelling “What the heck is happening?!” ”calm down. Everyone’s OK, except for the snake that your awesome dog destroyed. He saved my life.” Ryan let out a sigh of relief.

 I noticed I was still standing in the middle of the water, so I finished walk to the tree and asked Ryan if he found a spot to build the shelter ”Yeah. It’s a little far in the woods, but its just about perfect. There is a tall, climbable tree with lots of branches sticking out that we can build in. It’s about a five minute walk away from another tree where you can see the fort.” I nodded my head in agreement and continued cutting branches. ”Have you planned out the design?” “I was thinking we could make a platform about 10 feet up and have a skinny bridge to the lookout tree, where we would put that fire made of green leaves that you were talking about during the drop down here.” I then replied “How much wood do you think we will need?” ”This tree plus the stack over there should do.” He pointed at the stack of wood where I had been putting the wood I found. “Where will you put the dog?” “That reminds me!” he said.” I named him Treeby because found the tree that were gonna build in. Anyway, I think I can build a little pen for him but if that doesn't work, than he might sleep next to me.” “Sounds good. I’ll cut this tree up and then we can start.” I then tossed a cut branch on to the pile.

“Can you toss a piece of wood and a piece rope up here? “ I yelled from a 2-inch thick branch jutting out of a tree 15 feet in the air. I caught the building supplies and went to work. We were higher than we expected because there were 7 good limbs for building at this height. We still had ¾ of the platform left, and we were running out of rope. After attaching a couple more branches, we had about three feet left of rope. “We should use that on the bridge and just lay down these branches instead of tying them.” I called down to Ryan.”Yeah, you’re probably right.” he yelled back up. We had about ten extra long branches for the bridge, and we were going 2 branches thick. I then laid down the remaining three branches for the platform and laid a long branch from the home tree to another tree that was on the way to the lookout tree. Ryan pushed the next one up and I laid it down and tied it to the other one. I shuffled across the bridge and when I got to the other tree, I looked down to see Ryan dragging the lumber over. I will spare you the boredom and just tell you that we finished the bridge successfully.

After construction, we tried to train Treeby to respond to us calling his name but ended up wrestling with him for half an hour. It was fun but made me think of a question: how are we going to get him on the plat form? The answer was we weren’t, and I decided we could just let him sleep on the ground or maybe on top of our backpacks. When we were done playing with Treeby, Ryan asked if we could eat. I was getting hungry also, so I got out some trail mix and started looking for fruit. I found some blue berries and raspberries, and we dug in.

Meanwhile, at the OCJ base…

“Sir, spy dog 16 found two agents that appear to be from the NAIA. They are approximately 2 miles away. Should we send guards to neutralize the threat?” “Send one jeep and 5 guards.” I said in Japanese to one of my many computer controllers. My name is Saisuki, and I am the leader of the OCJ. We haven’t had action in like a week here, and I was actually disappointed that there were only two. After all, we are America and Canada’s biggest threat. And they send two lousy agents in an attempt to gather info? Good luck.

Back at Louie’s camp…

I woke up at about 5 in the morning to the sound of a dog barking. I looked down to the base of the tree that our platform was built on. I saw Treeby, who was tied to the trunk, was barking into the woods. “Ryan, are you awake?” I whispered in my partner’s general direction. “Barely.” He groaned back. “Do you hear anything?” I asked. “Yeah. I hear a golden retriever barking its head off.”He replied. “Not that. I think I hear a car motor somewhere in the woods.” After a couple seconds of silence, he said “I hear it too. We should probably go to the lookout tree and see what it is.” I replied “You go to the lookout tower, and I’ll go untie Treeby and see if he can find the source. We should both bring our Uzis and be prepared for a fire fight”

I quickly and carefully climbed down the tree and started to untie the rope holding Treeby to the thick tree trunk. The second I finished the dog shot into the forest as fast as a subway train. I sprinted after him and after about a minute of running, I saw Treeby run right up to a jeep with about five Asian people in it. I looked at the OCJ flag that was flying above the hood of the car and immediately pulled the trigger on my Uzi. I took out the driver with my first shot or two and also hit the man in the passenger seat right in the chest. By now the other three started to notice what was happening two of them shot at me with bar guns while the third set up a turret near the back of the jeep. While I was shooting at the one setting up the turret, I noticed Treeby attack one of the other two, whose uniform was turning red with blood. I hit the turret before I hit the soldier, and my bullet completely destroyed it. The soldier tried to get in the jeep, but I shot him before he could. “You are the last one. Drop your weapon.” I said to the fifth soldier in Japanese. He dropped his machine gun and put his hands in the air. I told him in Japanese what he had to do and what would happen if he didn’t. I then tied up his hands with a vine I found on the ground.

Ryan then came running out of the woods, waving his gun in the air. “What happened?!”He yelled with shock. “Quick. Change into a soldier’s uniform and take a bar gun. Also tie my hands together and I’ll get in the jeep. We’re breaking in.” I hopped in to the jeep. I told Ryan the rest of the plan. It was fool proof. “Should I light the fire?” Ryan studiously asked. “I don’t think we will need to” I replied. “What about Treeby?” Ryan asked. I thought about this. He might endanger the mission, but he did save my life. “Put him in my lap.” I said. I was not leaving this dog after all he did for me. Ryan untied the soldiers hands, tied mine together, and lifted the big dog on top of my legs. Nothing could go wrong.

On the way to the fort I taught Ryan some basic Japanese like ‘Yes sir’ and ‘Right away, sir’. I also told him to never deny the commander unless it put him, me, the dog, or the mission in danger. Nothing could go wrong. I still had my combat knife in my sock, so I taught Ryan to say ‘I already searched him for weapons’, so the guards wouldn’t find the knife. In about 10 minutes, we were at the fort. There was one guard that asked for our ID number, but the imprisoned soldier said a couple numbers and the guard opened the humongous metal doors and let us in.

The building appeared to be some sort of garage, and it was filled to the brim with jeeps, tanks, even a couple of hover craft. We parked the jeep and got out. The prisoner immediately grabbed the vine bonding my hands and pulled me toward the door. I looked behind me to see Ryan holding Treeby’s makeshift rope collar. I got pulled into a humongous room decorated with velvet and fancy vases at the other end of the room there was an amazing wooden carved desk. Writing papers on the desk sat a slim man in a pinstripe suit. I recognized him from all my debriefing. This was the dreaded Saisuki, the leader of the OCJ. It was tempting to pull out my gun and blast this guy, but there were about ten guards on either side of the room, and our mission was not to kill the man, it was to get battle plans. As we approached the man, he stopped writing and looked at us. He asked the prisoner why I wasn’t dead, and the prisoner said something about questioning. Saisuki agreed and the prisoner guard was told to take me away. He pulled me into a dark cement room behind the guards on my left. The guard-prisoner told “You have 24 hours until questioning”. Everything was going as planned.

Ryan’s point of view...

Saisuki shooed me off with his hand, and I said “Yes sir” and walked out of the room. Treeby stayed behind while I started searching rooms to see if any might hold the battle plans. After half an hour of peeking in doorways and windows, I found a door with a finger print scanner. This was probably the room, but it didn’t matter because my fingerprint wouldn’t work. I saw a guard stand obediently In front of a small room next door. I pretended I was about to start talking to him, and then I slammed his head with the stock of my gun. It would be enough to knock him out for only a couple of minutes, so I had to work fast. I dragged the man over to the scanner and shoved his finger in the tube that scanned it. A bright red light flashed, and after that I heard nothing. No click of a lock unlocking, just silence. I pulled on the door and sure enough, it was still locked. This meant one thing. I would have to get Saisuki himself to unlock the door.

I speed walked back to Saisuki’s office and ran into the jail room. I got some strange looks. But I didn’t think any of the guards were going to come after me. Louie was in the third cell of five and when I saw him I asked “Where are the keys? I’m gonna need your help.” He pointed at the wall across the room. I picked up the complicated key and inserted it into the lock. With a smooth turn I heard a click and a pop. The door swung open, almost knocking me right off my feet. Louie walked out and said “What do you need?” I explained everything to him. We then thought of a plan so crazy, it just might work.

After Louie taught me how, I told another guard to “come”, and led him into the jail room. We shoved him in the jail cell after tasing him with my multi-watch. He was unconscious, so we took off his uniform and Louie put it on. We got out of the jail room and into Saisuki’s office, where Louie told Saisuki that the battle plans were needed for training. As we strolled down the hall, I noticed I was standing next to one of the most powerful people in the world. And by far the worst user of power. We arrived at the fingerprint scanner and just as Saisuki stuck his finger in it and the lock clicked, I pressed one of Saisuki’s pressure points. He fell unconscious and we pulled open the door to see the battle plans in a glass case. “We need to contact HQ!” I thought out loud. “You’re right. They didn’t give us walkie talkies either. How are we going to get home?’’ he replied. We thought for a couple of minutes. And then I thought of it. I was surprised that I thought of it instead of Louie. “You get the battle plans. I’ll get us home.” I started working. My idea was to send Morse code to the headquarters by squeezing my defective tracking device.

Meanwhile, at the NAIA Headquarters…

“Wait! I understand! He is sending us a message!”I yelled out loud. After ten minutes of decoding, I figured out the Morse code message. I, the commander of the NAIA, couldn’t believe this. I ordered ten jets to be flown to Japan this instant. Our new top agents had just won us the war.

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