Drew Daggers

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A poem for fellow Booksie member, Drew Daggers. I love you honey!

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012




I'm the one for you 
It's you I want to pursue 
you know it's true 
when i'm not with you i'm blue 
cause you're my boo 
we stick together like glue 
we take romantic trips to the zoo 
we both liked the kangaroo 
i know you gotta be feelin this too 
i don't know what to do 
When i see you i get nervous and look at my shoe 
This love, even after all this time, still feels brand new 
Let's eat some fondue 
And let's paddle away in a canoe 
Remember that kiss to me which you blew 
Let's get married and our family will sit in the front pew 
Hopefully they'll speak Hebrew 
Our marriage will be perfect we won't need a redo 
You can take care of me when I have the flu 
In my soup put some tofu 
We're going to get a matching tattoo 
From my loneliness you will rescue 
We'll hang out with your nephew 
We'll honeymoon in the Bayou 
You can teach me to play the kazoo 
We can have romantic evening playing clue 
We'll never argue I will never bid you adieu 
When we are old we will give our vows a renew 
Your company I will always value 
Never forget me drew.
<3 xoxoxoxoxoxo <3

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