Sammy's Sea Part I

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Sammy, a boy from a small village, moves to the sea and discovers new wonders that he could have never imagined.

Submitted: March 19, 2012

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Submitted: March 19, 2012



Sammy was a little boy that lived in a little village outside of the big city. He liked to play in the fields of grain on a hot summer's day. He loved picking up sticks and hitting the fruit out of trees. Peaches and apples were his favorite. One time he bit into a peach and there was a worm. He gagged and coughed and spit it out. He never ate a peach again. He loved roaming through the fields and observing the unbridled elegance of nature. At night in the little village he could hear dogs barking and wolves howling into the night. He was used to it though and it provided him comfort. Horses and cows roamed green pastures gently feasting on grass. In the morning Sammy would go by the neighbor's barn and watch him milk the cow. Sometimes the farmer would give Sammy some fresh milk. Sammy loved country life in the little village. One day his parents came to little Sammy and said they were moving from the small country village to a town on the ocean. Sammy was confused. He was a bit excited but also wary. He had grown up all of his life in the small country village. He lived a solitary life amongst nature. His family often kept their distance and let Sammy do as he pleased. The village was safe for Sammy to explore. Once Sammy heard that he was moving to the town by the ocean, he became both excited and depressed.

A month later the family had packed up their things and were ready to move to the other town. Sammy said goodbye to the night sounds and the fruit trees, and the endless pastures and fields. A sadness washed over him and a solitary tear fell from his blue eye. He woudn't let his parents see that he was crying though. He was private about his emotions. As the car drove they passed field after field and gradually the landscape began to change. The rolling hills became flat and rocky slopes and cliffs emerged. Sammy had never left the village before and his heart was filled with awe. His father commented that they were getting close and Sammy became excited. He began to hear seagulls cawing and he rolled down the window and tasted a soft, salty breeze. His heart fluttered and he strained his neck to get a better glimpse at his surroundings. To his left was the sea. The waves rolled into the yellow and white shore. The waves made crashing sounds as they plummeted into the shallower waters. The fading sun reflected off of the water. Oranges melted into yellows as the sun became lower and lower on the horizon. The colors reflected in the distance onto the far away dark blue waters. "This is the sea?" Sammy thought. "It's better than I could have imagined." They drove farther along the beach, eventually stopping at a purple cottage. It was two stories with an attic. The outside was siding and had white shutters. The entire house was stilted up and had white trellises so people could not venture underneath the stilts. Flowers were planted and large trees sprang from the soil, shading the purple house. Sammy's father said, "We're here." He parked the car in a dirt spot next to the house. Sammy's mother turned around in her seat and smiled at Sammy . His father stepped out of the car and called out to his wife, "Eliza, grab my bag please." "Yes, honey," she replied, exiting the car. Sammy sat for a moment in the car as his mother unpacked some bags out of the trunk and his father fumbled with a set of keys at the front door of the house. Sammy surveyed the area. It was nice and shady. Beyond some brush he could see the orange of the sunset and some sparkling dark blue water. This was even better than the little village. A cool wind blew and he opened the door to meet his family in the house.


That night Sammy laid in his new bed. The windows of his bedroom were open, allowing the cool ocean breeze to seep in. He could also hear the soft crashing of waves on the shore. The night sky was filled with stars. He couldn't sleep. It was all too exciting. His white cotton sheets brushed his skin gently. He felt calm but also alert. All of a sudden he heard a large crash from the water. Then another crash. Then another. He sat up and rolled out of bed, walking to the window. He craned his neck out to attempt to observe what had made the noise in the water. From the hole in the brush that lead to the sea, he saw a grey outline of a figure. "Or maybe it was a tail?" He thought. Sammy, excited and always curious, slipped his shoes on to go investigate. He pulled on a light wool sweater, because the night breeze was chilly. Slowly he made his way down the hallway to the staircase, being careful not to make the wood creak too much. He didn't want to wake his mother and father. Sammy padded lightly to the front door, creaking it open softly and glancing back to make sure no one had heard. He slowly and softly shut the door and ran down the back steps toward the hole in the brush that lead to the sea. 

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