Kids Can Do It Too

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All the adults are dead. Kids must work together to survive.

Submitted: November 13, 2011

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Submitted: November 13, 2011



Once upon a time there was a girl named Alice. She lived with her parents and her little brother in Chicago. She was 13 years old and her brother 5, when the terrible plague killed almost all the adults in the whole world.

She had been listening to the news, “Scientific inquiry proves that kids under the age of 13 are safe from the plague.” It turns out that the kids’ immune system was prepared to fight plague, while adults couldn’t do anything about it. The least they could do is not catch the plague in the first place.

Shortly after the news approached her town, major businesses and schools started to close down. The teachers kept on getting sick. Most of the adults stayed at home. They couldn’t risk going out in the public and getting more people sick; the disease was very contagious. And there was no cure for it, at least not yet. When both of her parents died, she took full responsibility for her brother. She fed him, cleaned him and comforted him with her best efforts. She loved her brother dearly and vowed to protect him in every way she could.

The first couple of days after her parents’ death went by pretty fast. They survived on cereal, cup noodles and some breads and meats in the refrigerator. With everyday that passed by, she became worried. Someday soon the supplies would be finished. She had to figure out how to get more food and other necessities for life.

One evening after having dinner, her brother asked her, “What will we eat when our food is all over?”

“I don’t know yet. But you don’t worry, I’ll figure out a way soon. I promise I will not let you starve,” she assured him.

That conversation with her brother made her really think about possible options she could try out. She started making a plan, a plan which would guarantee the survival and success of the two siblings. Maybe she didn’t know it yet, but her actions will revolutionize the world she knew before. She started making notes on things one must have for survival- food, water, air, shelter, clothing and other luxuries. First she needed to o something about real necessities; luxuries would just have to wait a little bit longer.

She knew that food comes from plants as well as animals. She didn’t have any knowledge on hunting or fishing but she did know little bit about farming. If only she could find an area where she could grow crops in and have the right tools to guide her. She would have plenty of food then, won’t she? So for the next few days she went online and read almost anything about farming. Thank goodness the Internet still worked but there won’t be any new versions of the software, unless one of the kids decides to take over the Internet. It would be a slow process, but if she tried hard enough, she could o it, for the sake of her little brother. She felt so glad that she was there for him.

“What would he do if she wasn’t there for him?” she murmured to herself. He was only 5 and how could he survive all by herself. But then she thought about how other kids were helping their little siblings survive.

“But what about the babies and toddlers, who aren’t old enough to feed themselves?” she said to no one in particular, while unaware of her surroundings.

“Alice!” she heard her brother scream at the top of his lungs. The crying seemed to have from the stairs, and Alice ran over there and found out that her brother had slipped from the top of the stairs.

“Are you okay?” she asked.

“Yeah, it didn’t hurt that much,” her brother replied.

“But your nose is bleeding, let me put a bandage on it,” said Alice like a concerned sister.

Little kids depend on the older kids and adults to take care of them. Now that no more adults are around, kids had to do everything. Older kids would have to not only take care of themselves, but also their siblings. Then she decided she must help other kids too.

Later she and her brother went around the neighborhood, knocking on doors and gathering all the kids. When she asked if anyone was hungry, lots of hands were raised in the air. She gave them some food to eat and then explained her ideas about survival. She told them that if the kids do all the work that adults have been doing for them, they could survive. Night fell and she let all 20 of the kids sleep at her house.

The next morning everyone ate breakfast, after Alice had convinced others to bring food from their own houses. After making her and the others eat, she made a chart about everyone’s general information such as name, age, address and if they were related to one another. This way she could keep track of all of them and the kids can go to their homes if they needed anything. She also found out that a girl and two boys were also her age, 13.The girl named Sue and the boys Jacob and Ray could work co-operatively with Alice to take care of essential needs of life.

While all the other kids were playing, the four of them started s discussion about how they were going to help each other. Alice started telling them that maybe they could grow crops at a farm.

“I would like to take charge of that. My ancestors have been in the farming industry for as long as I could remember,” said Ray, “But I’m not sure if I could do it all by myself.”

“Don’t you worry Ray, I’ve got your back, I could help too, after you teach me how to farm,” pointed out Jacob.

“Okay, it’s settled then, you two boys grow crops, and Alice and I will be cooking it, if she’s okay with that. What do you say, Alice?” asked Sue.

“Works for me,” replied Alice.

“My dad used to grow some veggies in our backyard. I think there might be some leftover seeds, which we could grow,” Ray told Jacob.

Ray and Jacob found the seeds, some shovels, watering cans and other tools in their shed and went to work. The girls would then cook and feed the kids but new problems arise soon. They were running out of milk, kids were allergic to specific foods, and backyard was a small place to grow crops.

What they needed was an actual farm sized plot. So they went online and searched for farms around their city. They found a few but even the closest ones were about an hour’s drive away from their home. It was lucky for the boys that they had their bikes at home. The bikes helped a little but it seemed that they spent more time on the bikes than at the farm itself. Besides there were only two of them to manage the whole farm; it would make things faster if they had helpers. They talked to Alice and she agreed to go to surrounding neighborhoods and find more kids. Some of the older kids helped at the farm or at home but at Alice’s home it got two crowded.

“We need to move to a bigger building, where lot of kids could live,” said Alice one day.

Sue replied that “maybe we could live in a hotel or one of the inns around here.”

“I like the idea of living in a hotel but how will we get inside? I am pretty sure it is going to be locked,” pointed out Alice.

“Can’t we pick the lock or break into it instead?” added Alice.

“I don’t know. If we break into it, the door might become broken and unusable. The hotel will then get too cold, too hot as well as dirty.”

“You worry too much, Alice,” replied Sue.

“Maybe you’re right, go ahead with the lock picking, if you know how to do it,” Alice permitted her.

Then Sue talked with Ray and figure out how to lock pick using toothpicks only. Sue had already been looking up and finally decided on the most perfect hotel for them. The James Hotel could houses over 300 individuals, which was more than enough for them.

Life at the hotel wasn’t that crowed, except it was big. So it required more cleaning and housekeeping. Other than that, they had plenty of food and water to use. She felt proud that she did it. Alice clearly remembered the day when her brother asked about food availability. But now there was nothing to worry about, both Alice and her brother survived.

“Now that our life is more stable, we could invite more kids to stay with us,” suggested Jacob one night.

“But why? I think we are good, “said Alice.

“Little kids are going to die if no one feeds them, and who knows how many are already dead,” pointed out Jacob.

“So what? Let them die, it is not our responsibility to take care of everyone,” Alice continued to argue.

Ray and Sue joined into the conversation too.

“How can you say that? You are the one who made this happen. And now you are giving up!” exclaimed Alice.

Then Alice realized that she has been only doing it for her brother and herself. She should help others too, and she did. More kids came to live at the hotel and they live on, without any adults around.

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