Cup of Coffee

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Alas, alas! Another romance~! This time simply over a cup of starbucks coffee. This story is about a young woman who finally manages enough courage to talk to her crush who she knows absolutely nothing about.
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Submitted: February 03, 2007

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Submitted: February 03, 2007



A Cup of Coffee

Even though the constitution of the man was very dark and very eerie, Charlene was fairly attracted to him. His muscles weren’t very voluminous and his looks had an asperity rather than a softness to him. Charlene’s mind wondered why in the world she found herself staring at him every time, she saw him at the local Starbucks. The woman would just stare at him behind curious eyes and not even know his name. The fact was that she didn’t care and even if she wanted to get his name at least, she would be too shy to ask. Charlene had a very determined mind behind her heavy locks of auburn hair and her almost noxious green eyes. Her friends would call her obstinate, hard to handle and most of all, stubborn but she thought her determination was the best quality she had.

One day when she had ventured to the coffee shop to actually ask him his name, Charlene didn’t come across her nameless crush. With a disappointed and sad heart, she grabbed her a cup of her normal coffee and sat down with a slouch. Minutes passed by and then an hour passed. A surge of emotions swelled in her heart and she began to grow vivacious and ill-tempered as she looked at her watch. “Why am I getting so emotional?” She thought as she wiped her watery eyes. “I don’t even know the guy!” Her thoughts are interrupted by a benign hand that touches her shoulder, making her jump and almost smack her bystander straight in the face. Charlene’s gorgeous green eyes widen and her heart hurdles into a resurgence as she find herself face to face with the man she was looking for.

“Charlene?” He asked her, his voice captivating her in a blanket of charisma and wonder. The dark’s man raiment was prominent that evening and you would even call his attire rather charming and royal. His short dark brown hair slicked back in a business-like style that gave off a professional air. Under her suppressed and indolent lips, Charlene mutters, “Yes? How do you know my name?” The stranger laughs softly and his eyes sparkle with intimate glaze before he answers, “The other day, you left your novel on the table. It was quite tattered you know? Well, I picked it up and saw your name in the cover. I thought I‘d return it to you.” Her cheeks redden as she persecutes herself for being such a fool for leaving her favorite book at such a public location.

“That’s where I left it.” Charlene chuckled after she sighed a breath of relief.

“My name is Gary.” The man says as he takes a seat in front of her and hands her the book. The brunette looked at her book and gasped.

The novel she was holding looked new as if not a person in the world had touched it. “It looks..” Her words trail off and she stares up at him astounded. Gary combs his fair hair with his fingers and replies, “I took it to a man to get it appraised and to see if it was ‘worth keeping’ and the man offered to fix the book. Since it was frayed, I thought you would like in this condition rather than in shreds. ” Her face lights up with sheer joy and glee and her expression reminded Gary of how the caricatures, he watched in his younger days looked when they were really happy.

“Thank you!” Charlene exclaimed. “Thank you very much! You don’t know how much I appreciate it.”

The two both laugh and begin a conversation about books and other things they had in common.

Every Tuesday, Gary and Charlene would meet at the same table and at the same Starbucks over a cup of coffee to talk until it was time to go. One evenight on the anniversary of their meeting, Gary proposed with a cappuccino in one hand and a wedding ban in the other. To this day, they are married with two children, Bobby and James, and moreover live happily ever after.

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