Monsters inside

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This is the first darker poem I've written so I would love some feedback. Thanks!

Submitted: March 31, 2014

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Submitted: March 31, 2014



The best monsters are the ones you can't see
The darkest thoughts that swirl
Waiting to be brought forth
To haunt
The ones that only exist to you
The ones that drive you to the very brink

Like the one standing behind me
As I stand on the edge
The one who acted like my friend
But my enemy at the same time

The one who told me it wasn't worth it
That this was for the best
He wasn't the only monster who told me this

I still hear all these monsters in my head
Their voices get louder
While my voice gets softer
Until the only sound I hear 
Is their voices taunting me
And the only thing I feel
Is the wind around me
And I remember where I am
Where the monsters led me

Until all I see is a black shadow in front of me
With long 
Black fingers motioning me forward
And then it disappears behind me
Pushing me over
And I'm falling 
All I can hear 
And feel
Are the monsters
But the monsters are me

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