My Sincerest Wish

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Oh, you may call it puppy love or teenage infatuion, but I call it a muse. I am in a long distance relationship and have been so for 8 months now. Even though I'm the woman of the relationship, I end up playing the Shakespear and not him. But I don't mind. Writing is what I do and so I wrote this for him. This poem is about how my thoughts of him make everything seem alright and how he had shown me so many things in my life.
Anyways, I hope you enjoy and of coarse, comments are always welcomed.

Submitted: January 31, 2007

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Submitted: January 31, 2007



My Sincerest Wish

Passion drips from your soft fingertips as you caress me Y

our touch like a piece of heaven that resides in our starry night skies

Your voice that fills my ears when you hold me tenderly

What adoration and love that gleams in your caring eyes!

I trust your heart and you trust mine

Entwining like when our fingers intertwine

If I could stay in your sight forever

Then I wouldn’t mind if I died

Your words cut through my sorrows like a steady knife

Those sorrows that strain my days and create my endless nights

But when you say that you love me

Then I know I have a meaning in this tedious life!

I ask myself, Oh why do I feel this? Surely this can’t be love?

But is it? My heart inquires.

Don’t hide your face, it says,

You’re in love!

Your lips press against mine, expressing your infinite devotions

You look at me as with your gentle hands, comb through my hair

You’re the only one who can clearly see those hidden emotions

In my eyes, in my heart, you’re there

You’re always there,

And you care.

Even though I never say it, but you help me through the my tough day

And I hope that I help you, because it is my dearest wish in which

I pray that you’ll stay in my heart, even though you are so far away

Cause, I’m always thinking of you, your love, your passionate kiss

Yes, that is my sincerest wish.

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