Nigh Glory

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I've watched 300 and was very impressed by their charisma and mustered courage in the mists of battle. So I wrote a poem about war about a king and his men.

Submitted: August 31, 2007

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Submitted: August 31, 2007



Nigh Glory


The king walks out with his head held high

His men behind him with their swords plied

His queen gives him one final goodbye

And then they ride as the dawn draws nigh


Further and onward, drives man after man

Only halting when they no longer stand

Complying every order and feasible command

To claim their prize and protect their land


Then suddenly, surrounded by those they hate

But further they ride for honor and state

Ignoring every wound and painful ache

Leaving their lives in the hands of fate


Slashing and clashing in their desperate plight

To any man, ‘twas a pitiful sight

But steering through with all their might

Trying desperately, in order to win the fight


Bearing high spirits, they had all impelled

Into the fires and horrors of hell

Until with broken bodies, their army fell

This is the story I’m inclined to tell


Last but not least, remains their king

Who, as he dies calls out to his queen

And ventures toward where the angels sing

Unaware of the glory that his story brings

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