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A simple essay on the importance of love.

Submitted: January 27, 2008

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Submitted: January 27, 2008



Human Responsibility

There are none who walk the earth that do not experience the sentiment of hate. I too, though I preach to you all the importance of love, experience hate. I do not claim saintliness or perfection, for perfection is impossible. In fact, I believe that humans are synonymous with imperfection.Though all people experience hate we must learn to cast it out and embrace our enemies. What gives one group the right to decide what is right and wrong. Social standards as of now are a democracy. The standards of the majority are made law, they are expected to be accepted everywhere. What the world needs is a social revolution that rids us of our current societal standards and creates an anarchal social structure in which all groups are free to believe as they will. In a society of love and acceptance, all conflict will be absolved and all people whether they are Christians, Muslims, Bhuddists, Atheist, African-American, Caucasian, Asian, or Latino can live together in perfect harmony.

Those reading this might see this as ideological and impossible, which sadly is most likely true. But their are lessons to be learned from it. It is the responsibility of every human to try to love his enemy, not to judge him and hate him. In order to love your enemy, you must understand him or her. In the moment when you understand your enemy, understand him enough to know his desires, his wants, his needs, then in that very moment you will love him the way he loves himself. We must also learn not to try to force people into our way of thinking. Before you laugh to yourself and call me a hypocrite I must say that I am not in any way forcing you to take on my ideas. I am simply presenting my ideas to you in a harmless piece of writing. Now let me continue with a story, a true story. On an island in the Pacific, there was a tribe in which all their social standards were completely opposite of what would be considered civil behavior. Killing and raping were promoted while cooperation and friendship was shunned. A group of missionaries went their to try to cleanse and civilize them. But what right did they have to do so. Many people would say that it was their duty to humanity to fix the barbarians. But to the island people, they would see the rest of the world as backwards and disgusting and to them, it would be the rest of the world that needed fixed. It is our duty as humans not to judge them. I believe that they should be left to do as they please. These people love themselves because they believe that they are doing right and for that I love them.

I hope that you can read this and take away something that helps you become a better person.



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