The Fields of Rocks

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A memoir of growing up and having two different roots.

Submitted: June 05, 2012

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Submitted: June 05, 2012



Running around in a field of grass, swinging on a hot day, drinking coke from a huge bottle. Could those be one of your memories? Before we got to an age where we actually had a conscience, we probably did many funny things. Sometimes you can't even remember things you did. Sometimes, it's just bits and pieces of things that you remember. Memories that came from your childhood.

I had remembered that it was a hot day. As it always is in the Philippines. I was at the zoo with my mom's side of the family. We had went to the place with those monkeys. I was looking up and the monkey disappeared into the back of the cage and came back. Then it suddenly spit water on my grandpa's head. I started to laugh my butt off, but I don't find it amusing now. Things sure do change when you grow up.

I also have this one memory of me in pre-school. It was time to eat. We all took out our little Barbie, Spiderman or some other type of superhero and/or toy themed lunchboxes and took out our food and ate. Then afterwards we cleaned up and got ready to go into another wonderful lesson of the alphabet. I remember that when this one girl was about to sit down from her sit. I just took the chair and she fell and started crying. When I think back to it, I really don't know why I did that to her. I can't remember now, but I hope I didn't laugh.

When I ask about my childhood, my parents have many stories of it. Though I can't believe this one. When I was little I was a very mean girl. As in, I wouldn't talk to anyone who looked really ugly. I'd also be very outspoken and say rude things. You could say, I didn't have any manners. I also made fun of my maid back in the Philippines because she wasn't the best looking person around. One day she couldn't take the teasing and just quit. Even though my parents say it's true. I still can't believe that.

Many things in your childhood surprise you. Especially when you ask your parents, what was I like when I was little? Sometimes the person you were when you were little does not even sound like the person you are now. Or maybe, just maybe, it is the exact same person you are now. All I can say is, time changes people.

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