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An abused girl prepares herself for tomorrow..

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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Submitted: June 12, 2008



The reflection in the mirror
A glass pane of reality.
The honest truth hurts:
Just one bruise too many,
Just one cut too much.

Admittance burns the soul,
As guilt penetrates existance,
Leaving behind a crater of regret.

Excuse, excuses
Only lies now rationalized
Their faults pressing themselves to her,
Making her flawed spirit of mind.

Daddy's little princess,
Four square extraordinaire,
Slips her presence from the world,
Leaving a lonely corpse behind.

Things once possible,
Fall into wishes made upon a falling star.
Impossibility finding grace.

Her thoughts are paused in the eerie silence of sorrow,
The reflection burning to her mind,
The world moves on, but her night freezes.

It's going to happen again

She tries to take in the image of herself,
But her eyes see it upside down,
As it stares everyone else in the face.

Ever wonder why no one speaks?
The truth is evident.
But help stays silent.

No one could hold her soul.
But her own destructive forces,
Become the floodgates of hell.

He doesn't know what he's doing,
He doesn't know what he's done.
He moves through life forgotten,
A wound the world neglected to heal.

When one thing changes,
A path of life shifts,
Things go from bad to worse,
Leaving hope behind.

It can't happen again

Reality sets in,
The sun rises,
And the days continue on.

Yesterday is long gone,
And it can't define her anymore.

Time passes,
Her story isn't over,
It's just being written.

It's never going to happen again

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