-Ode to Arms-

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This is the fifth and final poem I wrote for english last year. This poem is considered an "ode poem" that had a lot of specific guidelines and mine turned into kind of a political statement..

Submitted: June 12, 2008

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Submitted: June 12, 2008



Oh, you loyal and noble defense,
Protecting our hopes and desires,
Aiding all of our ancestors like a heaven sent blessing,
Destroying Satan as only a conqueror would,
You've been the key to our country's formation,
And you've brought peace to ages of anger.

You're the modern Trojan horse, in an aircraft war.
From "BOOM" to "BAM"
you've disrupted the deafening silence,
Sending sounds of liberation to powerless souls.

You're precise like no organic armor,
You stand strong despite it all.

Improving almost instantly,
You've started to leave humanity behind.

Nothing's stopping you,
We're vulnerable to your power,
And defensless to your strength.

Once your creator,
We are now the victims,
Of our own minds.

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