Friend or foe? Dead anyway.



Fake flowers, made of paper and plastic

Fake water, made of wax

Made me think, that evertything was fantastic


You brought me, to reject me

You gave a gate to me, just to insult me

You were a failure, a pathetic tragedy

You poisoned me, but now i’m clean


You dragged me, with fake honesty

A fake god, and a Idea of mercy

You dragged me, to fake wars

In the name of fake causes

I retrieved my sanity somehow

You made me feel guilty, but tell me, from your grave

Who’s guilty now?


I did my time, and I did my part

All the positive and negative things

But I’m just happy that you died

And sober I could see, that you lied


Fake loyalty, fake Love

Fake crimes and fake blessings

Made me think, that I should not be so drastic


When you abandoned me, when you betrayed me

I thought it was the worse that could happen

Sober, I could see, how lame you was, and that was the best

That could happen to me

I no longer bleed


Now you are forgotten, like you wanted to

Now you are nothing, like you wanted to

Now I despite you, like you wanted to

Now you are abandoned, like you wanted to

Now you are dead, like you wanted to


Now I hope you suffer, suffocated by your lies

Now I hope when you wake up, the rest of you also dies

Now that you got what you wanted, don’t ever try to reach me again

Now I have no sympathy,  just despite, for your bones, for your grave

For your weakness, for your filth, for your lies, for your suicide

For your tears, for your plague, for your injustices, for your sickness, for your spirit, for all your mistakes, burn in your heaven, away from me, I’m finally free 

Submitted: January 09, 2012

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Wow - quite agressive and very dramatic - some serious venting of spleen happening here, love it though - great feeling.

Have a look at my latest, Ctrl-Alt-Delete, if u have time. Would love any feedback, cheers.

Mon, January 9th, 2012 1:38pm


I see you captured exactly the meaning of it, cool. Alright, will read your poem now.

Mon, January 9th, 2012 9:33am

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