Typical workday blues

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talking about workdays

Submitted: August 03, 2015

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Submitted: August 03, 2015



Today I spent all day at work and it was very quiet

I ate at lunch and at both teas thus blowing out my diet

I tried not once but several times to have a little snooze

I also thought I may go out and try to drink a little booze

I talked  to all of  my workmates but they are very boring

I hate when they  talk to me and interrupt my snoring

But all of this activity i find so less perturbing 

Than clients who will call for me, they are so  disturbing

I come to work each day and mainly am on time

Though i often go home early I dont think its a crime

I just come and sit quietly at my desk and slowly spend my days

I never do achieve too much but still deserve a raise

Now here it comes , here comes the boss to get up on my back

You can go home right now he said , Im giving you the sack

So now I leave the place that for a week i poured my heart and soul

But its okay , i'll be alright , I'll go back on the dole



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