What pain is life Part 1

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Love hurt life

Submitted: July 30, 2012

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Submitted: July 30, 2012



I always had thought lifes path was a circle to follow

Some times would be up and some hard to swallow

There is no guarantee, it is not to rehearse

But now I know better my life is a curse

This year has been so hard there is no denial

From a trusted friends theft to my beloved Dads  burial

Finances are tight and I now have an audit

But I can handle all that, with a bit of true grit

But what happened next is the hardest of all

A pain that s so great the rest seems so small

My wife told me to sit as she had something to say

She thinks she may leave , take my family away

I have let her down through loss of some wealth

It had spoilt her dream and affected her health

I have realised at last how stupid I have been

If its too late ,that  remains to be seen

My family is life I know that all now

I will never betray her and thats now my vow

I have lost love before , moved on through that time

But this time is different my heart is not mine

My children ..my wife...it belongs all to them

I would gladly give life to save them from harm

But the harm that is there now was caused by my waste

I love them so much , I hope not too late

Though I walk , live and breathe it is only a token

I am dead inside for my heart has been broken

I will strengthen myself and right what I wronged

And hope to rekindle our romantic love song

I can only ask to be given this chance

Andt I know with my oath our life will enhance

Will she open her heart and join me again

so i can make our lives complete and quite sane

Can this please happen or am I destined to rue

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