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i put a lot of feeling into this poem. i actually got into trouble becouse of this with my parents....

Submitted: November 14, 2007

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Submitted: November 14, 2007



My pain is a solid thing
it is what wells up in my throat
it is what forces tears from my eyes
it is what takes my mind off all the pressures in my life
all the times i have failed and all the things that are wrong with me
it is what stays the final cut
for the promise of more sweet pain is the one thing i have to live for
it is my one true friend, one who stays with me
and will always be there for me, for it doesnt care about what is wrong with me. it doesnt care about all the things i have done wrong.
but my friendship with pain is one with its regrets
the need to cover my scars
the times when i lose so much blood i almost pass out
and i have my doubts
times when my "friends" look down on me like a drug addict
times when i cry until i cant any more
times when i am just half an inch from escaping this damned existence
but my one true friend, pain,with the promise of relief,stays my hand
there are times when i think i have no friends,but that is a lie
my best friend,pain, will be with me till the end.

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