Scars-Actions Speak Louder Than Words: Scene 2

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This is a play about a 16 year old girl whose life has changed from her father dying at 14 to her mom remarring the "man of her dreams". But its not exactly a dream come true after all which leads her to cutting.

Submitted: July 10, 2010

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Submitted: July 10, 2010



Scene Two
-It’s Saturday morning. Aurora is in her room reading a book and listening to her iPod, Diana is in the kitchen preparing breakfast and Joe is at work. Diana then goes upstairs to Aurora’s room to speak to her.-
Diana: she goes Aurora’s room and knocks at the door. Aurora sweetie, can I come in?
Aurora: she puts her book and iPod down on her desk. Sure mom.
Diana: enters her room with a look of uncertainty in her face. We need to talk. She takes a seat on her neatly made bed. She smiled at the way she organized her pillows and placed the old teddy bear her father had given her when she was small. She clears her throat. Joe and I are concerned for you. We think that you’re getting out of hand and you need to be disciplined.
Aurora: confused. Where are you getting this from?
Diana: It’s for your own good.
Aurora: wipes her eyes and signs heavily. I don’t understand. What are you talking about?! Impatiently.
Diana: Don’t use that tone with me young lady. I am your mother and you are my child.
Aurora: Mom, I don’t know what you’re talking about, it that better?
Diana: You are out of control! Coming home all hours of the night, cursing at Joe, and sneaking around with Aiden? You’re lucky I didn’t hear this from someone other than Joe.
Aurora: Joe? You heard this from Joe? I don’t do any of those things! Aiden is my friend. I can’t believe you’d listen to him before coming to me first! I’m your freaking daughter! Mom, you know me better than that.
Diana: I probably don’t know as well anymore. I can’t believe you’d lie to me in my face.
Aurora: If you’re talking about last night, I could explain myself. But I wasn’t doing what you thought I
Diana: interrupts I know exactly what you were doing Aurora. I can understand that you may be unhappy that Joe is in our lives now, but that’s no excuse to misbehave in such a shameful manner!
Aurora: How can you say that? I didn’t do anything!
Diana: What’s happen to you? You used to tell me everything.
Aurora Well what’s happen to you? You never used to accuse me like this mom.
Diana: I wouldn’t have to if you stopped bullshitting me. Walks over to Aurora.
Aurora: It seems like you and your hypnotic-husband are the ones bullshitting!
Diana: slaps her in the face. Don’t you ever disrespect me or Joe like that again!
Aurora: looks at her tears in her eyes then gets up from her desk with her book and iPod. Heads over to her closet and takes out a sweater. Fine! I’m not going to interrupt you’re perfect, happy life with him then! Stomps out the room and heads downstairs to exit the house and slams the door!
Diana: still silent in disbelief of what just took place.
-Aurora walks over next door to Aiden’s house.-
Aurora: knocks at the door. Aiden it’s me.
Aiden: answers the door and pulls his shirt on. Hey what’s up? Are you alright?
Aurora: They happened. Looks at him with an upset look.
Aiden: Okay, come in.
-Aurora enters the house and she and Aiden go upstairs to his room.-
Aiden: closes the door and sits in the mini sofa. Do you want to talk
Aurora: interrupts Ugh!!! I can’t believe her! First she ignores me, and then she accuses me of sneaking around! Like what the fuck?!
Aiden: Why is she getting on your case?
Aurora: plops herself next to him on the sofa. I honestly don’t know. She didn’t even let me explain why I was late. But it sounded like she was more concerned about Joe and me being unhappy for them.
Aiden: That’s messed up.
Aurora: She even said that I was sneaking around with you.
Aiden: Me? We’re just friends.
Aurora: I bet Joe is doing this. I always knew that there was something odd about him.
Aiden: sighs. I’m sorry you have to go through this. But you’re always welcomed here if you ever feel like running away. Smiles.
Aurora: Yeah, I know Aiden. Thanks. Looks at him apologetically for confiding.
Aiden: puts one around her and pulls her close and kisses her forehead. That’s what friends are for.
Aurora: smiles. You know, I kind of feel like crying right about now. I’m so overwhelmed with this confusion. Rolls her eyes.
Aiden: It’s okay dude. But for now I want you to smile and laugh and. . . . I don’t know, not think about it.
Aurora: Okay. That’s fine with me. Innocently looks at her feet.
Aiden: If you ask me, it’s a little too early for this drama.
Aurora: scoffs. Tell me about it. Looks at this acoustic guitar on his bed. You were practicing your music? Curious.
Aiden: Yeah, a little. I was trying to compose a song for my crush.
Aurora: rolls her eyes Oh, my, gosh this person again. Who is she?
Aiden: You really want to know huh?
Aurora: Yes! Laughs.
Aiden: Okay, well, she’s you.
Aurora: her eyes widen. Me?
Aiden: Yeah. Smiles slightly.
Aurora: Really?
Aiden: Yeah. Why you seem so surprised?
Aurora: slowly I wasn’t expecting it.
Aiden: smiles Yeah, I know.
Aurora: turns to the side and blushes. I’ve always liked you.
Aiden: looks at her and turns her head to him. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you to say that.
Aurora: stares into his chocolate-y brown eyes. I don’t know what to say now. Chuckles.
Aiden: Neither do I. . . But I know what I want to do. Pulls her in closer to him and leans in to kiss her. She leans in as well and closes her eyes. Their lips touch as his eyes finally close. Their kiss deepens with intensity and passion. Aiden has dated quite a few girls but none as lovely as Aurora. She too has dated boys. Some were immature and some were too quick. The way they’d kiss her never set on fireworks or sparks and felt less memorable. Kissing Aiden was sensational! But then ends interrupted by Aurora’s cell phone ringing.
Aurora: pulls away almost startled and checks the call. Out of breath Ugh, it’s mom.
Aiden: Are you going to answer it?
Aurora: thinks. Nope. She leans in for another kiss and brings her body closer to his. I’ve never felt this way before. The way you kiss me makes me feel like I can forget all my worries.
Aiden: holds her in his arms and smiles. This was some morning.
Aurora: giggles. I think its noon now.
Aiden: chuckles. Good afternoon.I want to ask you something.
Aurora: Sure. What is it?
Aiden: Do you want to be my girlfriend?
Aurora: Yes. My feelings for you are real. I’ve never felt so happy like this in a long time.
Aiden: Great. Looks at her I’ll never hurt you. I’ll do anything to make you smile. You mean the world to me Aurora. I’ve always loved you and if things don’t work out, I will still love you.
Aurora: I love you too.
-Aiden and Aurora share another kiss. It’s almost like they fall more in love with each other when they’re together. They’ve always loved each other but it was awkward for either of them to express their true feelings, love can take it’s course.
That night, Aurora is at home in her room listening to music while straightening up
Something’s. Dianna is sleeping, Joe enters.
Joe: It’s too late to be playing that ruckus while your mother is sleeping. closes the door.
Aurora: startled and turns off the music. Sorry. I’ll just go to bed now. Takes out her book and slowly approaches her bed.
Joe: Sleeping doesn’t involve reading, Aurora. Why can’t you listen?
Aurora: Why can’t you get out? You just barged in here without my permission and expect me to listen to you? Rolls her eyes and sits down on her bed.
Joe: sits next to her. Okay, okay. You’re right, I’m sorry. I just want to talk to you. I know you and your mother haven’t been seeing eye-to-eye. And I thought it would nice if you and I, we bonded more. I feel as if we got off on the wrong foot and I’d like to start over if it’s okay with you.
Aurora: thinks for a minute. Okay, fine. Simply.
Joe: Good. Hugs her, and then more tightly and starts to rub her back slowly just admiring her firm breasts against him. He reaches into her shirt from the back to the front to feel her. He starts kissing on her neck just like in his fantasy. The excitement is too powerful. Aurora is stunned and practically frozen and then comes to her senses and springs away from him.
Aurora: What are you doing?!
Joe: Aurora I. . .
Aurora: tears fill her eyes. Get out! Get out!
Joe: hurries out of the room. Goodnight. Quietly and Closes the door.
Aurora: runs to her door and locks it shut and then hops in her bed and cries herself to sleep, trying to forget what had happened.

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