At Mercy of The Universe

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
In life or death situations, people have to make decisions for the majority of the people. Or is it the minority in this case?

Submitted: October 10, 2016

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Submitted: October 10, 2016



NARRATOR: Strength, Attitude, Hope, and Devotion. These are the things that keep us from going extinct. These are what keep us alive. For the past 5000 years we have searched for new land, habitable for humans and animals. We have abandoned earth for space, carrying oxygen and supplies with us in 15 spaceships large enough for 4000 people each. We are rationed a small portion of food and water each day, and have to carefully decide when it’s best to have it. Some of us, mostly men, carry out orders to fighting otherworldly beings in hopes that their planet will provide us with the living conditions we need. When we die, our rations will provide others with more time to find a new area. If we live, we are awarded with badges of honor that let others know what we have done for them. We also wear new scars in proof that our fights were legitimate.


(People in white t-shirts and camouflage pants doing push ups in sync with the instructors voice)

INSTRUCTOR: Up! Down! Up! Down! (continues for some time) Up! Attention! (walks by each of the people, analyzing them with a swift glance.) At ease.


NARRATOR (James): (grabs a water bottle by his bag of clothes and drinks it conservingly) Training like this is gonna exhaust the others.


RYAN: (Standing next to James slinging his bag over his shoulder) We gotta stay in shape if we’re gonna beat those damn creatures you know? Besides, it’s kinda fun taking them down.


JAMES: Well, maybe to you. But their blood stinks, not only that but they can eat through our skin and kill us by licking our damn faces like a dog would.


RYAN: Doesn’t that just mean we have to be stronger than a mangy mutt? At least they’re not bringing in women and children.


JAMES: Oh. (He looks over at Ryan sympathetically) You haven’t been notified on your chaser yet have you?


RYAN: (takes out what seems to be a very flat phone, made only of glass with a lit up screen before looking over at James) What are you talking about?


JAMES: We’re running out of rations and oxygen. Next month, children are going to have to start working if they want to eat.


RYAN: Did the council say this?


JAMES: Indeed they did. They’re even getting rid of the prisoners in section 13.


RYAN: You don’t mean…


JAMES: (nodding sadly) The populations too much. We need to cut off a few thousand people or all of us will be dead in 3 months.


(Both Ryan and James sit in gloom as a third man joins them in the room)


AARON: What’re you idiots so gloomy about? Stop being so mopey, you’re gonna scare someone.

JAMES: Doesn’t matter. (he stands up and tosses his water bottle in his bag and stretches out his shoulders and arms) Soon enough there may not be anyone to scare.


AARON: (comes closer to James and says in a hushed tone) watch what you say! They’re trying they’re best!


(A loud wail begins to sound off, all the lights blinking in red)


RYAN/JAMES/AARON: (not in sync) Shit!


(they all rush to put on armor and oxygen helmets as they grab alien-looking guns from one of the opposing walls and run off stage)

(lights go out all around for 30 seconds, when they come back on 3 men are now hiding behind boulders of different locations, facing off this one gigantic beast)(shooting and battling goes on for a minute)


RYAN: Where’s it’s core?!


AARON: (shooting at the creature while running towards Ryan, diving behind the boulder as a rocket is shot off towards him) In its gut. We’ll have to get it to open it’s mouth before we can get to it.


JAMES: I can do that! (running towards the beast and shooting it, he rolls out of harms way as 3 gargantuan spitballs are hurled from the beings mouth. He slides behind the beast, and shoots at its back, causing the creature to recoil and roar in protest.)

(Ryan and Aaron shoot at the creatures mouth, causing the beast to recoil and begin to light up)


RYAN: James! Get out of there, its gonna blow!! (lights flicker on and off very quickly, explosion sound and lights go down for 15 seconds)


(lights come back on, Ryan and Aaron rush to get James from the blast, picking him up and walking off stage with his limp body)


RYAN: You’re gonna be just fine buddy. (struggle in his voice) Just fine.


© Copyright 2020 Spencer Aarson. All rights reserved.

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