After seeing a video on youtube called "Reid the unsub" and seeing TrunksXMariko's story "Unknown Fate" I relized that I love having me as an UnSub. This is a short story about me doing a kill.

Reid turned to look at them, how they acted like fools. "Hotch, I think I'm the UnSub." Reid told them. "Reid, I think you need to get some rest, you look half dead." Hotchner said. "But Hotch-" Reid started to say. "No buts, just go home to get some rest, I'll call you in the morning. Don't make me have you take another week off." Hotchner said. Reid felt his head was spinning, he couldn't believe how Hotch had pushed that idea away! An idea began to form in Reid's mind, a small smile lit up his face. I know what to do, I know how to make Hotch pay! reid thought in his head. Reid got ready to leave, he back up his stuff and was exited with glee. When Reid got home he sat on his couch and started plotting his evil plan. How to get rid of the mocking? How to stop the benefited of doubt? Reid pulled out his gun. This will be so much fun! Reid was ready to roll, he knew what to do. Reid walked over to Hotchner's house, just to get him. As Reid drew closer he heard Hotch saying goodnight to his son. Oh I hope you had fun, 'cause this was all done. Reid broke down the back door, he saw that Hotch had just come downstairs. "Who is there? What do you want?" Hotchner asked. As Reid raised his gun he saw Hotchner's eyes go wide with shock. Hotch had no idea that Reid was telling the truth and now it was too late. At 9pm on that Monday night, Agent Hotchner was shot dead, five bullet wounds to the chest. Dr. Spencer Reid soon quit after that and was never seen again.

Submitted: June 02, 2011

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