"A Self Portrait"

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It's difficult to objective about oneself. Sometimes, I think we are not only our own worst enemy, we are also our own worst critic.

Submitted: September 01, 2007

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Submitted: September 01, 2007



Elegantly, however poignantly she sits

pondering the news of late

her beauty brightened from the light that hits

ribbons of light softly illuminate her face

(she wonders when life became so twisted...)


gentle sparkles emit behind eyes

that cry when no one hears

desperate for truths among the lies

the unscrupulous prey upon her fears

(is there truly any happiness without guilt?)

a loving heart displayed so proud

ever offering of support and caring

sacrificing oneself sans boasting aloud

her soul revealed by kindness and sharing

(do the pluses of life offset the minuses in exchange for redemption?)

praying others won't see what's deep inside

what the exterior never reveals

the fear and insecurities she hides

among the doubt and self loathing she feels

(are peace and serenity obtainable in life, or only available after death? )

while dishing out her own punishment

a brutal beating from toes to head

would bring physical bruises were they sent

by fist instead of via her own shame and dread

(emotional prison isn't punishment enough, there must be something more vile)

and so she freshens the color that brightens shapely lips

fluffs hair, polishes nails, perfumes her skin

wears high heels with swishing skirt to adorn her hips

all in hopes of hiding where her psyche has been

(momma said proper ladies must never appear weakened, strength is a virtue)

to hell and back the night before is hidden oh so well

crying in the dark when no one hears

attempting to escape the demons that dwell

inside and surrendering to unrealistic fears

(the voices that speak say hideous things, she must be some sort of evil)

primping and fluffing will cover it all

the sadness, the loathing, the tears

no one else will ever know of the fall

taken in silence amid the chaos she secretly bears

(and each new day brings fresh hope that this time...things will be different)











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