Mafia 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Action and Adventure  |  House: Booksie Classic

After Tommy Angelo gets fired from his job, he joins a mafia and has to kill a man that is killing the members of the Mafia

Mafia I

April 22, 1924

It was my break time. I was just standing by my taxi, having a little smoke, when I heard sirens. Then, two guys with masks came running up to me. “Get in the car!” said one of the men, pointing a Ruby pistol at me. “Where you going mister”? I asked, terrified. “The airport. And step on it.” Going as fast as my crappy taxi could go, I went flying through the streets. I think that I hit an old lady walking across the street but I’m not sure. I was too worried about the gun pointing at my head. After a few minutes, I pulled up into the airport parking lot. As soon as the men got out of the car, the cops came out of nowhere and arrested them. They was charged with assault and battery. In prison for 35 years and fined $250,000.

  April 24, 1924

It was my shift, I was taking people all over the city. When I got home, a letter was in my mailbox  from the taxi company  that I work for.

To: Tommy Angelo

From: New York Taxi Corp.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience but we received a report of you hitting a woman crossing the street so we have decided to lay you off.

F. F. NYTC Manger

I just stood there staring at the letter. So I guess that I did hit that old lady. I have to find another job.

April 25, 1924

I went to every job that I could find. From car dealer ships from restaurants to clothing shops. Couldn’t find anything. On the long walk home, I bumped into this guy. “You Tom Angelo?” “Yeah, what about?” “Take this”. He said, handing me a piece of paper.

When I got home, I opened the letter and it was a request to join a mafia with Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro. It told me to meet at the old warehouse on the west side of town.


April 28, 1924

As I walked up, there was a car parked in front of the warehouse. I knock on the heavy metal door. “Name” “UhhT-Tom.” I heard a bunch of unlocking and the door opened. Looking inside, a fat guy was standing at the door. Tommys and MP-40s hung on the walls. Then, all around the warehouse was looked like fifty cars covered the floor. Behind the fat dude, stood another man, with a pistol in his hand. A Ruby pistol. After a few seconds, I realized that those were the guys were the guys that jumped into my taxi a few days before. “What the f*** you want? You got me fired from my f***ing job!” I screamed at them. As soon as I did, the skinny one pointed the gun at me. “Look, I guess we feel a little bad about that. Now you can calm down before I blow your head off.” He said. “I’m Vito and that’s Joe. We run the best mafia in Empire Bay.” Where is Empire Bay?” I asked. “It’s a little town pretty far away from here so if you want to join, you will have to move there.” “Deal.” I hate this place.”



May 3, 1924

Empire Bay, the greatest town on earth.  Great people, great places and one of the greatest mafias. And with those greatest mafias, Empire Bay turned into a hell hole. Murders and robberies the entire city, cops only catching 75% of them.

* **

I was driving, Vito next to me, and Joe in the back. We were going to kill somebody. Henry, a guy that just joined our mafia said no name. Just where he was. We pulled up; I got out of the car, grabbed a piece and shot him in the head. I thought that it was clear but a cop pulled up behind us and started shooting at us. I got back in the car and floored it. Vito and Joe shooting at the cops. See, in this town, the cops are kinda stupid. All I have to do is change my plate on the car or change my clothes and the they have no idea that it’s me. So, running from cops, Vito killed the last cop and I started to the clothes shop. When we got there, I shot the lady behind the counter and stole the money. After that, I stole some clothes and running out the door, busted the window in a car and took off while Vito and Joe were doing the same. After all of this action, I went home to go to bed.

May 4, 1924

The phone rang. It was Joe. “Tommy! You gotta get down here now! It’s Vito!” I slammed down the phone and jumped into “my” car and sped down the road, checking for cops, heading towards Vito’s place. When I pulled up, his house was black and smoke was pouring out of it. Firemen were already there with the fire put out. I saw Joe at the front door. I ran over. ”What happened?”  “It was Mr. Chow’s men.” I kicked down the door and ran towards the bedroom. There was Vito, lying on the floor, a bullet hole in his chest, his face half burnt, still smoking. “Let’s go kill those mens of Mr. Chow,” said Joe. “Fine with me. Where is he?” “A slaughter  house not far from here. Just past the junkyard”  “Ok. Lets go.”

Standing in front of the slaughter house, I grabbed a shotgun and we went in where nobody could see us. Sneaking through, we saw Mr. Chow. I took aim and fired. I missed. As soon as he heard the gun shot, he jumped into his car and sped away as his men attacked me and Joe, taking our guns and hanging us up.

After a while, a big man came in with a butcher knife and cut Joe down, taking him behind a curtain to kill him with the knife. At my feet, there was Joe’s pistol. I slid the gun under the curtain to him. I heard a few gun shots and blood splattered all over the curtain. The big man came out with bullet wounds in his chest and the knife stuck in his head. “Lets get out of here.” “Look Joe, I gotta get home. Its getting late. We’ll look for Mr. Chow later.”


May 5, 1924

“Where are we going today?” I asked. “The park. Mr. Chow goes there every Sunday.” “Ok. Lets go.” We hopped in to the car and started our way towards the park. When we pulled up, Mr. Chow was sitting in a black car while his men was beating on somebody but I couldn’t tell who.”HENRY! THAT’S HENRY” yelled Joe, jumping out of the car shooting at the men. I got out of the car and shot at Mr. Chow but only hit him in the arm. His men left Henry laying on the ground and jumped into the car and sped away. Henry was bleeding all over the pavement. “What are these sick people doing?”  “I don’t know but we need to do something before he gets one of us.” I said. “Lets go get him at his china shop.”  When we got there, I grabbed a tommy and so did Joe. We was so mad that we kicked down the door and started shooting everybody. “Mr. Chow is probably in the back.” Said Joe. We fought our way through the china shop. When came to Mr. Chow’s office door, Joe just charged in and was shot by Frank Lopaz, the last of Chow’s men. I ran and hid before I was shot. “Lets go to the observatory before somebody else tries to kill me.” Said Chow.

I followed Mr. Chow and Frank to the observatory. They went into the main entrance and I went around to the back. I snuck into the room where Chow and Frank was. I pulled out my gun, took aim at Frank and took him out. Mr. Chow stood there defenseless. “Why did you kill Vito and Joe?” I asked. “Because, I don’t like Americans. So now you’re next on my list.” Chow said as he pulled a gun on me and shot at me and missed. I pulled my gun and shot him in the leg, knocking him down of the floor. “ I kill for my country.” I said, shooting him again in the leg. “ I kill for my family.” I said, shooting him in the back. “ But this time, I’m killing for myself.” I said, shooting him in the back of the head, killing him. 


Submitted: April 04, 2012

© Copyright 2022 spiderbait01. All rights reserved.

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