Putrid Hell

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I have worked on this peice for quite some time, I am not even sure if it is even completely done yet. It seems each time I read it, there is something better to put in. However, I decided to say it is good enough for me, and hopefully for who ever reads it. It is a bit dark in nature and it comes from many experiences I have had in life and the way I perceive them. I hope you enjoy.



Putrid Hell

False ideas, deceit and nothing but lies

Turn a world of smiles and hope

Into a putrid black hell without any escape

Nothing left to say and no one left to cope.


A friend came to me and said this one day

"Life is hell and it shall fade

When we choose the right path

It is heaven where the soul is laid."


Ruining life in a vicious circle of despair

Learning only that the path is carefully hidden

The desire, want and need has begun to be abandoned

Discovering the path that seems forbidden.


Not realizing the will for life is diminishing

Unnoticed emotion is suddenly taken in vain

Not fighting to keep the feelings from fading

Lack of an escape draws you closer to becoming insane.


The desire for the one true release becomes too intense

Convinced that feeling nothing will take away the pain

Oblivious to feelings of any humanity or sanity left

Screaming caused by the burning of the hate filled rain.


Unbelievably you are still breathing after all this torture

Pain is taking over the thoughts of agony, fear and sorrow

You are completely lost and gave up the will to understand

It eludes your mind and soul the chances of a better tomorrow.


On a higher and more personal level the struggle continues

I once wished for a great release to come my way

I am now too broken and torn inside to care any longer

I made my choice and killed myself as of today.


Pain as I knew it has changed into intense rage

The darkness has completely consumed me

Stench of lost souls and hatred is becoming a comfort

Pain does not seem real, only through bloody tears I see.


An uninvited speck of brightness is barely seen

Completely unaware the brightness was once your only dream

Every little speck of light is unwelcome in the hell you created

The only thing welcomed in your hell is only the blood-curdling scream.


I no longer know why I even tried to struggle so hard

Pointless energy spent on something that seems so meaningless

On wasting my valuable time on someone, that is insignificant

As my mortal life goes, you seemed to have put a dent.


I have seen things meant to be seen by no one

From what I have learned, it is too late now

The damage was done but I intend on doing some more

You are pathetic, therefore; you must stand and take a bow.


Welcome to the hell I created completely for you and you alone

You will receive unbearable pain given by me in every way

You will see the vengeance of inhumanity, rage and pure hatred

Your body will be tortured by my request for all eternity plus a day.


"Life is hell and it shall fade

When we choose the right path

It is heaven where the soul is laid."

Words spoken from a person who hasn't a clue what life can store.
















Submitted: August 25, 2007

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J A Morales

I am confused as to what you are trying to get across. Interesting read tho.

Sat, August 25th, 2007 8:46am


I just wanted to express how it felt to let oneself fall into the darkest, deepest and sharpest corners of ones mind. How I have perceived it myself. I wanted to say that it is easy to let oneself fall into this insanity and darkness. To fall too deep will lead into pure chaos and self torture. To show people that someone doesn't have to be insane or crazy to feel such things. It can happen to anyone. The way to escape it is almost impossible and one has to put themselves to the highest efforts of their soul to escape it.

Does this help you understand?
Your imput is much appreciated. Thank You

Sat, August 25th, 2007 2:02am

Robert Storm

What a Journey. You will see the "Vengeance of Humanity"
Well said. Spider Chick....well said indeed.

Thu, November 13th, 2008 4:49am

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