Justice in Italy: Italian lawyers, professionals or criminal ..?

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Italian Minister of Justice: this is a true story. The law should not be the instrument to give the power to those who work in this field, to appropriate, with deception, what belongs to others or to destroy life, health and life plans of others. This legal case delegitimize the Italian justice system, throw mud and dishonors all lawyers practicing profession honestly, dishonors Italy.

ministero della giustizia
For my part, there was only the will to want to correct a simple mistake found in the notarial deed on the property in my possession, as always, an apartment located in Palermo, Via Croce Rossa, 113 scale on the ground floor that I should sell to make of my life plans and to meet a need for liquidity.
The error returned, by me and by the administrator of the apartment next to mine, Dr. Salvatore Benanti of Palermo, owned by Mr. Aurelio Alfano, impounded by the Prevention Measures of Palermo concerned a reverse tab cadastral . I note that this error but I am not responsible notary Nicoletta La Grua (now deceased) who stipulated acts, and the notary (in my country) is a public official who represents the Italian state.
The error I believe was made in good faith. Add the respective owners Castagna Ruggero (my brother) and Aurelio Alfano, represented by the parents, as minors at the time of the conclusion of the proceedings, they were already in possession prior to the conclusion of the proceedings and also the deeds of these two apartments adjacent, were signed by the same notary, same day, in fact, report the number of consecutive collection and repertoire.
From this trivial error, a simple one, in any country in the world, comes an odyssey, perhaps because in Italy the easier it becomes difficult through the useless.
Let us see to understand what is useless ...!
Dr. Salvatore Benanti, as a result of our formal request, you authorize the act of correction by the Judge of the Court of Palermo Prevention Measures. Dr. Silvana Saguto.
Here, too, esteemed Minister of Justice, I want to emphasize that a Judge of the Prevention Measures of the Court of Palermo is not authorizing an adjustment if you are not fully aware of the reality of the error. The seizure, at the time, in the apartment next to mine owned by Mr. Aurelio Alfano, was made by the Court of Palermo Prevention Measures taking into account the actual possession. In addition, evidence of the discrepancy between deeds and real owners is evidenced both by the owners and Castagna Ruggero Alfano Aurelio, who by the lease contracts with tenants both Alfano Castagna, from condominiums and gentlemen goalkeeper of Croce Rossa Street , 113 in Palermo, the connections and the various utilities of electricity, gas, water and telephone.
We realize, by the Notary Crescimanno of Palermo, in the draft for the act of correction, that on the apartment of Mr. Aurelio Alfano is also a foreclosure by Sicilcassa SpA in l.c.a..
And then my lawyers began to send letters, registered letters, phone calls, mail to Sicilcassa SpA in l.c.a. to this error, to point out the urgency due to the need to sell, to point out that there was a negotiation started with a shop from which we are made to sign a purchase offer to raise its Sicilcassa SpA in l.c.a..
We send many letters and are put under stress and nervousness due to indifference on the part of Sicilcassa SpA in l.c.a. and anxiety of losing the buyer and also the urgent need for liquidity.
Finally, in a phone call, which I attended personally, the lawyer. Valentina Bella Sicilcassa S.p.A. in l.c.a. says my lawyer Catherine Piraino that the error in the proceedings does not exist, that the deeds are correct and that the owners of the two apartments have exchanged voluntarily apartments. The lawyer. Bella Valentina perhaps is mentally ill or maybe it was sitting on a cactus, it is not clear how she arrived at these conclusions illogical and fanciful.
My lawyer Catherine Piraino, replied by saying that there is already a permission from the Judge of Prevention Measures of the Court of Palermo for the correction and that has established the truth and evidence.
At this point Sicilcassa S.p.A. in l.c.a. (compulsory administrative liquidation) recommended for intimate us from taking any action.
My lawyer talk about this issue with the then Judge of Prevention Measures of the Court of Palermo Dr. Silvana Saguto, which suggests an adjustment of the attachment by the Judge of Seizures. My lawyer then went also to speak in advance with the Judge of the Court of Palermo real estate executions Dr. Giuseppe Sidoti and explains the problem. It seemed, from what I had told my lawyer Caterina Piraino, that this problem could be resolved.
Under his advice, we decided to enter into the act of correction and submit third-party proceedings at the Court of Palermo Seizures and then to enter into civil suit against Sicilcassa SpA in l.c.a..
We can also get our buyer Ms. Alessia Abbate to await the outcome of the judgment set April 13, 2012. On 13 April 2012, however, the Judge of the Court of Palermo Seizures Dr. Giuseppe Sidoti refer the whole to 16 May 2012 and here falls apart because we lose the buyer because it is no longer willing to wait for another time. On May 16, 2012 Judge Giuseppe Sidoti decides not to decide and 'time until December 31, 2012 to present other documentation.
I wonder is the shell game ...? in Sicilian dialect we say: " cugghiuniamo ....?" "sbattistivu a mirudda ...?" play with people's lives ...?
Sicilcassa S.p.A. in l.c.a. in person Advocate Mario Libertini and Dr. Salvatore Furnari legally represented by Advocate Andrea Guaccero and Advocate Constantino Ciofalo, in his memoirs of the constitution states, that the error in the deeds does not exist, is opposed to the adjustment of notarial acts and writes that in any case must be subject to the third party securities. Which means that I who have incurred debts with Sicilcassa SpA in l.c.a. because the act of correction signed to correct the error committed by the Notary La Grua (the Italian), I find myself with an attachment by Sicilcassa SpA in l.c.a. for a debt in the hands of Mr. Aurelio Alfano. I repeat: "cugghiuniamo ....?"
the question is: why Sicilcassa S.p.a. in lca, even better call them by name, because the lawyer Mario Libertini, Rome
Dr. Salvatore Furnari, the lawyer Andrea Guaccero Rome and the lawyer Constantino Ciofalo Palermo
Avvocato Mario Libertini Roma
Avv. Mario Liberini
Avv. Andrea Guaccero Roma
Avv. Andrea Guaccero
Avv. Costantino Ciofalo Palermo
Avv. Costantino Ciofalo
have hampered and hindered the solution of common sense and logic error in the proceedings and took advantage with malicious intent, it is not clear what interest, creating serious problems to me (especially health) and beneficiaries of the liquidation of Sicilcassa Spa in l.c.a. ?
Sicilcassa Bank was entitled to claim against the notary La Grua at the time he committed the error, why did not he do it?
We report in this regard a principle on non-contractual liability of notaries treatise on the Court of Cassation no. 1335, 20.1.2009: "As is known, in fact, the" intrinsic bipolarity "of the figure of the notary, which on the one hand be a public official responsible for ensuring erga omnes public faith acts by him written and, on the other hand, professional bound by contract for the provision of works with its principals, lets you configure a dual responsibility profile. Non-contractual liability in the event that the erroneous exercise of its public caused damage to a third party (unrelated to customer relationship), a contractual liability to the customer, if the damage is the result, as in the case , of breach of a contractual obligation entered into with his customer. "
On this link all the legal documents in chronological order: chronology legal documents and facts in italian language :cronologia documentazione legale e fatti
Finally, esteemed Minister of Justice of the Italian Republic, I would like to point out that the law should not be the instrument to give the power to those who work in this field, to appropriate what belongs to others by deceit or destroy the life, health and projects of others' lives.
Apart from all violations of human and constitutional rights that results in this case, no one can deny that this is in effect a robbery.
Riccardo Castagna
Croce Rossa Street, 113
90146 - Palermo (Italy)

Submitted: February 14, 2013

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