Believe in myself

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It's something that hits close to my heart, This peom is about me not trying to be perfect, but love me just the way i am..

Submitted: December 26, 2008

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Submitted: December 26, 2008




I wake up everyday regretting what I do, who was I, what am I gone be, who could I be, whom do I need to be. Everyday of my life I wake up to tears, as the days go by I wonder about the future and who I will become. No one knows me, no one knows the real me, the fake me smiles and hides the pain, the real me cries everyday. I wished I was gone forever and never came back to this cruel world, why was I in so much pain, when I had it all. Who was I and who am I. I wake up to hating what I look like, I eat and then throw up, I feel lost in my own life, I feel sick in my own heart. I lost that girl who loved what she looked liked, I lost that girl who was on top, I lost that girl who smiled and laughed. I lost her, she was gone, a dark side of her appeared, no one knew her anymore, and she was constantly listening to her stomach growl, why couldn’t she eat like her friends, why did she go to the bathroom everyday after lunch, why couldn’t she tell anyone, she was strong and smart. What happened to the girl I knew, every day she cried and everyday she faked a smile. She wished she could just go somewhere where all the pain went away, where there are only butterflies and no one else, sometimes she wonders if life was worth it and sometimes she wishes life was just a dream. Who was this girl taking over my life, why couldn’t she leave, I miss the old me, I miss who I wish I was, but more often, I wish I never was and never could be.

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