This poem is based on true life events when I was in an abusive relationship. I am glad I can write and openly share about it now. It has taken quite a few years to be able to do so. Time doesn't heal all wounds but poetry eases the pain.

Cold case lover
How I loved you so!
You always mattered
Never believed me
You were my every desire
You were everything to me!
Looking through your eyes
Jaded with jealousy and envy
You laid your hands upon me
Acting out
Your emotional and bitter pain
“Why were you so mean spirited”?
“Who messed with your mind”?
“How can you kneel before me, now?”
Pleading me to forgive you
You bawl your eyes out
Your relentless begging
Over and over
Keep playing mind games, with me!
Begging me for mercy
To come back,
One last time
With my swollen eyes,
Broken bones,
Twisted up, insides
My heart is torn!
“Are you a dead man walking”?
“Do you not ‘feel’ no more”?
“Will I get to see tomorrow’s sunrise”?
I stay another day
With you
Playing Russian roulette with my life
I am terrified, I am petrified!
My eyes are blind,
My heart too forgiving!
I am not leaving
“Will I become a cold case murder, one day?"
I wonder...
At the hands of my own stupidity!
“What will you do on that day, dear lover?"
“Will you lie and be deceitful?"
“Will you hide things?"
Just like
You did to me!
Will you ‘vow’ devotedly
You did it
In the name of ‘Love?'
"Will you brag about,
Your ‘bitter sweet victory?"
Open wounds, bleeding soul
Release me free
From this man’s betrayal!

Submitted: January 05, 2013

© Copyright 2022 Spirit Of Freedom. All rights reserved.

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I’m terribly sorry that this powerful work has been here this long & until my read, had no “Like”, or comment! I remedied the situation, but it doesn’t make it right! I pray for you, happiness, joy, and victory over your circumstances!

Sat, March 17th, 2018 3:25pm


Another great poem powerful wow what you must of gone through

Sun, June 20th, 2021 1:04am

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