Lustful Desire

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Sex in public places, oral sex

Submitted: January 26, 2013

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Submitted: January 26, 2013



The nightclub is full
The place is rocking!
People, jam packed
Shoulder to shoulder
Everyone pre-occupied
As you approach me
Sitting next to me
Smiling at me
I admire your eyes
The music loud
The air stuffy
Feeling your hand
Rubbing the top of my bare thigh
I giggle,
In suprise!
I am shy and coy
Your hand sliding
Between my thighs
Parting my legs, slightly
To pull my panties to one side
Rubbing my clit
You reach over,
Kissing me
I lose myself, in the moment
Forgetting where I am
Feeling your fingers
Probing in and out
Enjoying the wetness of my pussy
I moan in pure pleasure
I love the way you seduce me!
My pussy becoming juicier
You stand up
Whispering in my ear
“Take off your panties,
I want something sweet
And delectable to eat!”
You go under the table
As, I discreetly slip off my wet panties
Spreading my legs wide
Exposing my shaved pussy
Feeling vunerable
Feeling the sensation
Of your tongue flickering.
Your teeth nibbling
Your lips suckling
On my swollen clit
“It feels so good!”
My body involuntarily shuddering
You’re making it harder for me,
To contain myself!
I need to orgasm!
You suddenly stop
You sit back down
All raunched up
I feel
For your cock
Rubbing it against your trousers
Feeling a wet spot appear
You slip your hand
Into the front of my dress
Squeezing and fondling my breast
Passionately tonguing my tongue
With yours
Both of us
In lustful desire
Eagerly undoing
The fly of your pants
Your stiff cock
Gripping it firmly
Stroking it a few times
As, you sit back and relax
Enjoying the attention!
I sit on you
Guiding your throbbing cock
Into my tight, warm pussy
Bouncing up and down
Getting into rhythm
Riding your hard cock
Bouncing up and down
Riding your cock
"It's so big!"
Using your cock,
For what it is made for!
"I love the way
Your cock feels, inside my pussy"
I can't get enough of it
As I fuck your cock
Up and down
Fucking that cock
Till you orgasm!
"Yeah, baby!"
"Love the way I can control,
That horney cock of yours!"
I playfully kiss
The bottom of your lip
Smiling with satisfaction
I get off you
Readjusting myself
Winking at you
Only to turn and walk away
Into the shadows
Of the night
Never to be seen again

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