Scars of an Inner Child

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Submitted: March 27, 2013

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Submitted: March 27, 2013




You are not the man, you want to be

You said you were my Father, till, I discovered different

Enduring, daily beatings

Bashing the living day lights, out of a woman and a child

Repetitive, bad ass attitude, nasty streak

Mean and aggressive!

Fists, knives and guns, your weapons of chose

Out of control, abusive, devious

Relentless, over – bearing!

Breaking me, piece by piece

Confusing a child, with unhealthy love

Hand fed your bullshit, brain washed

Using me as your human, punching bag

This innocent child’s blood, staining your callas hands

My child’s curiosity, asking you one day

“Why do you hurt me and Mum?”

Your retort: “I am not your blood!”

I didn't understand, back then

Now, as an adult, I clearly understand!

Believe me, when I say

There was never a day that went past

That you didn't remind me of that!

My freedom, restrained

My sanity, tested

Caged, like a wild bird in captivity

Behind bars, looking out

 Here, I am today, free from your grip

Nursing, this inner child’s, bleeding love

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