Where Are You When I Need You

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Heart break

Submitted: March 11, 2013

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Submitted: March 11, 2013



Don’t pretend to understand me

When your frustration and anger, comes first

Don’t pretend to nod and listen

When all you hear is what you want

You treat me as if I am a brainless idiot!

Blaming me, because I don’t agree with you

Because I won’t let you control me

I am a big girl, living an independent life

So, don’t pretend to know how I feel

When you only believe the lies you convince yourself, I am

Don’t say you love me, when your ego takes precedence, over my feelings

Dreaming of what you want us to be

Dreaming of me, from a far

Leaving me alone, to problem solve, on my own

I do this, to show I care

To show you I am responsible

All I want is for us to be on the same page, sharing our love again

Laughing, kissing

I need your love and attentiveness

I need to feel your nurturing warmth

Instead of taking it away from me

Knowing my vulnerabilities

Deliberately hurting me

You told me you were my knight in shining armour

Where are you, when I need you?

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