Of Love And Light

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This is a poem I wrote after reading Mark Antony's oration in Julius Caesar. It moved me, so here is the result.

Submitted: December 01, 2010

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Submitted: December 01, 2010



In this time of coming darkness and rage
I come not to speak of fading glory
For yes, my countrymen, glory does fade
I hope my words shall not meet the same fate.

My friends, I seek not the crown of glory
And not the surreptitious cloak of fame
Here you bear witness to all that I say
I seek not the bubble reputation!

I do not wish to be admired or heard
I seek not praise nor pompous, swelling words
For I wish that my words shall be welcomed
On merit and not empty flattery.

All I ask from you, noble listeners
Are your ears, attuned to my coming tale
For I shall speak of love and how to live
As best I know from my experiences.

For what I speak of is from reflection
Born of my years of thoughts, words and my deeds
My first point, friends, is that love is lonely
Yes, it is a disconcerting concept!

Though, disregarding all else, it holds true
For in times of love, we may feel alone
At times we'll feel a drowning lack of hope
Nonetheless, fellows, live on, take courage!

For our loves are not built on endless strife
And oh, love's goal is not to break us down
Or to cause our eyes to grow fiery red
From torrents of irrepressible tears!

This life is not meant for lost hopes and dreams
It is not meant for us to live in grief
Nor for us to endure a broken heart
That is not life, dear friends, that is black death!

Love is not darkness, it is in the dawn
It is not the struggle, but virtues gained
It is not to have loved and lost, oh friends
But is the glorious act of love itself!

Life thrives not in a doubtful heart, fellows
Nor does it live within a feeble soul
It thrives most where there is strength and courage
And oh, how bright it shines where there is love!

And now, my friends, I ask to end this speech
I thank you for your sympathetic ears
And now I give, fellows, my parting verse
Live to the full, before you meet the hearse!

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