The Evil One Is in This Room

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
An autistic patient is psychoanalyzed and reveals a terrifying secret on a person very close to him.

Submitted: April 04, 2012

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Submitted: April 04, 2012



The Evil One is in this Room

By Michael Spitzkoff

Marv Keller led young ten year old Jullius inside an all white room with a table in the middle followed by their psychologist Dr. Dennis Shwartz. The two men sat at one end of the table facing young Jullius.

Marv formally known as Father Keller lost his faith just recently leaving the church hoping to start a new life. He began having serious problems with his late sisters son Jullius who was an Autistic Savant. Jullius became increasingly difficult to deal with displaying erratic behavior. Gifted with the innate ability to see things most people couldn't see, Marv felt a psychologist would be the best thing for Jullius trying to channel some of his energy.

The doctor tried to make eye contact with Jullius who had a blank look on his face, almost void of emotion.

"He'll sometimes do that for hours by the way," Marv said to the doctor.

"This trait is common for Autistic Savants but make no mistake, they do hear everything you say," the doctor exclaimed.

“He’s a good kid but lately he’s been acting and saying very strange things,” Marv said.

“Strange things…What do you mean, like what?”

“Oh just couple weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night to find him at the foot of my bed starring at me…Ordinarily in the past I wouldn’t have been too concerned of this behavior but he started to chant something to himself over and over.”

“What was he chanting?” the doctor asked.

“He said, I see him, I see him, he will see the truth.”

“Was this the only incident like that?”

“No, this was a continuous incident over the last couple of weeks. I even found him in my closet one day looking at pictures of my sister and I, chanting.”

“You said your sister past away?”

“Yes about three months ago. I don’t think he even grasps the concept of her being dead.”

The doctor faced Jullius…“Jullius…Jullius…Can you hear me?” the doctor asked.

Jullius slightly turned his head toward the doctor. “The truth will be told. He deceives, he is capable of deceiving the whole world... He has a dominion known as the dominion of darkness,” Jullius repeated over and over each time louder and louder.

“What is this?” the doctor asked.

“I believe he's quoting a scripture. The scripture of the devil,” Marv explained.

“The truth will be told in time…The truth will be in time,” Jullius continually repeated.

“What truth will be told Jullius…What truth?” the doctor asked.

“The truth about the evil one...The traducer…The prince of darkness,” Jullius said.

The doctor awkwardly turned to Marv. “Is this all new…Was he saying this before?” the doctor asked Marv.

“This is all new,” Marv said.

“Jullius, when you refer to the evil one, the prince of darkness are you referring to a demand of some kind?” the doctor asked.

“The demand…He will know the truth,” Jullius said.

“You mean the devil himself, Jullius?” the doctor asked.

“He is in this room…The evil one and he will know the truth, soon,” Jullius repeated.

“Where is the evil one, Jullius?” the doctor asked. Jullius slowly turned his head and pointed in Marv’s direction.

Copyright © 2011 Michael Spitzkoff

All rights reserved.

© Copyright 2020 Spitzer. All rights reserved.

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