Supernatural/Black Butler FAN FICTION CROSSOVER

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Sam and Dean are on their way to England to fight a mysterious demon named Sebastian. It proves tougher than they thought, and must call Castiel for help. PLUS I FAILED AT THIS...PLEASE LEAVE INSULTING COMMENTS BELOW!

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012







Dean waited for Sam to speak as they drove to the nearest airport.

“England. A twelve year old named Ciel Phantomhive is said to be doing dirty work for the queen. By the looks of it he's had a demon’s help.”

“Like…once or twice?” Dean said, stealing a quick glance at Sam before turning back to the road.

“No. Over 20 times.” Sam sighed.

Dean grinned. “His own personal demon butler. Classy. So, any idea on how to gank it?”

Sam shrugged. “Let’s just kill it as we would any demon.” He looked at Dean, who was rolling things over in his head. “What are you thinking about?”

“Well if it’s his butler, he must have a way of summoning it. Think this Phantomhive kid could be a witch?” Sam shook his head.

“Maybe it just wears a regular butler’s skin and walks around in it?” Dean shrugged slightly.

“It’s a possibility.”


* * *


Ciel stared at Sebastian with a bored look. “Sebastian. Do we have any word from the queen? I’m dreadfully bored.”

“No, Young Master, no word from the queen. I’m afraid we’ll just have to sit tight until there is.” Sebastian said solemnly

Mayrin entered the room. “Master, Lizzy is here for a visit!” She smiled, and Ciel shook his head.

“Don’t let her in. And if Grell’s here as well, don’t let him in either.”

Mayrin nodded and walked out, almost tripping on her untied shoelace. She laughed nervously and continued on her way.

“Sebastian, why must we be surrounded by idiots?”


* * *


Cas appeared in the backseat of the Impala. “Where are we going now?” Dean jumped and swerved the car in surprise, cursing under his breath.

  He got the car back under control.  “Damn it, Cas! We talked about this!” Castiel appeared unfazed.

“I’m sorry.” He replied.

“We’re on our way to England.” Sam said, along with a sigh.

“Dean. I know which demon you two are after. Sebastian Michaelis.” Dean looked at him through the rearview mirror.

“How do you know him?” Dean said.

“I just do. He’s tough to battle. I hope you two are well prepared.” Castiel said. Dean and Sam exchanged glances.

“Nothing we can’t handle.” Dean said with a grin.


* *  *



Everyone heard Mayrin’s screech as she laid eyes on Dean. Dean just stared.

“Is this the Phantomhive residence?” Castiel said solemnly, looking at Mayrin.

“Yes! I’ll go get Sebastian; he’ll tell you everything you need to know!” She ran off, Dean, Sam, and Cas watching.

“Well. She’s interesting.” Sam pointed out. Dean nodded.

Sebastian appeared moments later. “Please. Come in.” He gave a friendly smile. All three boys walked in, Dean and Sam staring at Sebastian.

Dean leaned close to Sam and whispered, “Do you see anything that could point to demon?” Sam shook his head.

Sebastian led them to Ciel’s study, where he was sitting at his desk, waiting for the boys. He stood.

“I take it you two are Dean and Sam. We’ve heard much of you.” He smiled sullenly and closed the eye not under an eye patch. Sam stared at him, knowing something was up. “And who is this other fellow?”

Castiel pointed to himself. “I’m Castiel. An ang-”  Dean slapped a hand over Castiel’s mouth, glaring at him.

Ciel looked at the trio. His sullen smile remained. “What are you three here for, anyways?”

Sam and Dean looked puzzled.

Castiel spoke up, “We’re here to do a report on you, being the business man you are already. We’re newspaper writers from America.” Both Dean and Sam stared at Cas in surprise. Dean nudged Sam.

“We taught him well.” He whispered. Sam nodded.

“Is that so? Well then. What would you like to know? Sebastian, leave us, now.” Sebastian nodded.

“As you wish, Young Master.” With that, he walked out.


* * *


“Well, looks like we got all we need. I’m sure he left info out. A lot of info.” Sam said, looking over the notes he had taken. Dean shrugged as they headed out to the rental car. Cas walked behind them.

“Are you infiltrating tonight? Call if you need assistance.” And like that, he was gone.

Dean sighed. “Ok, so what’s the plan, Sammy?”

Sam smiled. “Same as always.”


* * *


Dean entered slowly, hoping to wake no one. Sam followed quietly.

“Got the salt?” Dean asked as he began to make a devils trap. Sam nodded.

The both heard someone walking towards them. Sebastian appeared, smiling, his eyes glowing red.

“Good evening, boys. I take it you’re doing well?” Sam and Dean jumped back in surprise. Dean cursed himself under his breath as he stared at the unfinished devil’ trap under Sebastian’s feet. Sam looked at Dean nervously. Sebastian smiled.

“Young Master won’t be very pleased with intruders.” He said sullenly. Dean looked at Sam right as Sam looked at Dean.

“The kid. Get the kid.” Dean mouthed. Sam bolted, running to find Ciel in the massive area of the Phantomhive manor.

Dean stayed behind, preparing to fight Sebastian. “Gimme your best shot, skinny.” Dean said, grinning. Sebastian tapped his forehead, and he nearly flew across the room. Dean gasped.

“What the hell kinda demon are you, you son of a bitch?!” Dean tried to throw punches, a lot of punches, Sebastian dodging every one.

“SEBASTIAN! I ORDER YOU TO KILL THEM!” Ciel’s angry yell rang throughout the entire manor. Sam screamed for Dean, who turned at the wrong moment, giving Sebastian an opportunity to throw in a good punch. Dean flew, being slammed against a wall.

“Damn it.” Sam ran to Dean’s side, picking him up.

“Dean, Dean, get up! We have to fight!” Dean looked around, slightly confused.

“How the hell do we kill him?” Dean said quietly, eyeing Sebastian, who stood there, poised to fight, grinning. Ciel stood beside him, his arms folded across his chest.

“Sebastian…kill them...” He lifted his eye patch, revealing his demonic, pentagram eye, Sebastian nodding.

“Sorry I failed orders the first time, it won’t happen again.” He ran towards Dean and Sam, who ran away.

Sam grabbed a handful of salt from the pouch at his side, throwing it behind him at Sebastian. He seemed invincible, appearing unfazed. Sam yelped as Sebastian grabbed his collar, pulling him back, throwing him on the ground. Dean ran back to him, shoving Sebastian off.

He tried punching Sebastian once more, failing at each blow he threw.

“What kinda demon is this guy, Sammy?!” Dean yelled at Sam over his shoulder, dodging a few of Sebastian’s blows. Sam ran in an opposite direction.

“I don’t know, Dean! Call Cas! We need him!” He yelled back.

"No! We can handle this! Get Ruby's knife!“ He yelled. Sam dashed to Dean's duffle, shuffling through it to find the knife.

"Dean! It isn't here!" He yelled. Dean was slammed to the ground, getting the air knocked out of him. He was unable to call for Cas. Sam ran over, trying to shove Sebastian off Dean, failing horribly. Dean regained breath quickly, the =n stood up. he ran near Sam, gasping.

"CASTIEL! WE NEED YOUR HELP!” Dean yelled t the top of his lungs, Sebastian smacking both Dean and Sam across the room. Cas failed to appear. Dean groaned, his vision going blurry.

“Cas…” he said weakly, close to passing out. Sebastian stood above him.

“Masters orders, Mr. Winchester.” Sebastian smiled and raised his hand. Cas appeared behind him, placing a hand on his head.

Light began pouring out of Sebastian. Ciel began screaming.


Soon, Sebastian was nothing but dead. Cas watched as he dropped to the ground, lifeless. Ciel was dragged away by Mayrin, who was trying to calm Ciel down.

“I thought you could handle it, Dean.” Cas said to him. Dean stood slowly, helping Sam up.

“Well it’s apparent we couldn’t, Cas.” Sam groaned.

“Let’s not come back here again, Sam…” Dean said, holding his head. Cas looked at them both.

“I’ll get you guys to Bobby’s.” Cas placed his fingers on their foreheads, and there they were, back at Bobby’s.


* * *



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