On the cover of a nascar news

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a poem about stockcar racing

Submitted: December 07, 2007

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Submitted: December 07, 2007



Well were stockcar racers, we got sweaty faces, and make noise everywhere we go,

You add a little fuel, and you add four tires, you got the making of a show,

A big cloud of dust settles over the stands, I think someone's gunna need a tow,

And we arn't getting richer, but we hope we get a picture, on the cover of a nascar,

We got first class pit crews, who know just what to do, every time the car is in the pit,

You fix another part, so you can make another start, and hoped it helped a little bit,

Checking out the tires, grab duct tape and bailing wire, trying to keep us on the lead lap,

And we keep getting better, but we can't get a letter, on the cover of a nascar news,

We got alot of dedicated, wide eyed fans, who come to see us every week,

Their checkin' out the thrills, and their checkin' out the spills, at just seven dollars a seat,

They come down from the stands, every one of them a fan, to tell us how much they liked the show,

And the fans keep acheerin', but no picture I'm afearin', on the cover of a nascar news.

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