The Great Burbank Driftwood Scare

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This is a poem. This happened to me when I was picking up driftwood on the Snake River in Eastern Washington. At the time I was mad but a few years latter I was able to see the comedy in what had happen to me.

Submitted: December 05, 2007

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Submitted: December 05, 2007



I'd like to submit to you this little dittie,

about some of Burbanks local history,

called the Great Burbank Driftwood Scare,

I was down at the river one fine sunny day,

picking up driftwood wherever it lay,

when up walked this man, he was wearing a badge,

He said to me, "son why don't you come over here",

"I'd like to talk to you about these laws we hold dear",

"Do you know it's illegal to pick driftwood up?",

He said, "son your deteriating the enviroment",

"Destroying the habitat with reckless abandonment",

"And terrorizing the shoreline everywhere you've been",

Well I held up my hand and said, "sir can I say a work?",

"All of this fuss about driftwood is kind of absurb".

"It's here today and gone tomorrow",

Well he puffed all up and started quoting federal law,

and statutory regulations with congressional clause,

And that's when I knew, I'd had enough,

Then he said, "son I think that your in luck",

"I could make you take that driftwood back to where you picked it up",

"But I'm going to just give you a warning and let you go",

I said, "I appreciate that", and hopped in my truck,

Saying to myself, "this is really going to suck",

"Just one more thing that's against the law",

Now this might not go down as a historical event,

But I'm one of the two that knows how it went,

The day of the Great Burbank Driftwood Scare.

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