Gone Forever

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Growing up in a broken home.

Submitted: June 27, 2015

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Submitted: June 27, 2015



Living in this house hasn't always been fun.  Dealing with the late drunk nights, hearing the screaming, the sound of glasses breaking, it hasn't always been easy, but we made do.  Seeing dad shove mom down and mom getting back up and smacking dad, it hasn’t been easy, but we always made do.  Cause you protected me, you'd take me away into our magical world in your room, so I didn't have to see them anymore.  All those nights I felt like crying, you protected me and would not let it get me down.  You made us a magical make believe world that made everything okay.  We went on so many adventures together, flying through time, zooming through space, fighting off the pirates, and of course the unforgettable wrestling fights.  That was the best times, but as we grew older, and the fights grew far more annoying than heartbreaking, or magical little events went away… but it was okay, because you were still there with me, right next to my room, just in case I needed you/  As time grew on, you grew just like them, adding to the screaming and fighting every night, because you were tired of it, and one night you took ti to far, and now you are gone…… and so are they… and now I have nobody… I still remember the stories though, and I still remember the times, and when I find myself in sad times, I think of those times, and it makes life just a little bit easier. I just wish you were still here to make today easier...

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