In The Cabinet

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One of my stories from my Ghastly Tale's of Moan's and Wail's series...I might add more if I feel like it.

Submitted: July 08, 2011

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Submitted: July 08, 2011



My name is Ben, I'm a freshman in highschool. My school is pretty old, it was said to have been built at the turn of the century. But that's just a myth.

I'm an ok student and I like most of my classes , the only class I don't like is Science. It's not because of my old crone of a teacher Mrs. Hackle or the assignment she give's, it's my seat. See, in the class room there is a row of old cabinets going around the walls of the room and I sit next to cabinet #13. I know it sounds silly but it's freaky! It's the only cabinet with slits almost like...air holes. Yesterday I was the last to leave class and I was collecting my things when I heard a scratching noise, I glanced over at the cabinet and saw it push outward almost like something...or someone was trying to get out. I ran out of the class room and didn't look back.

The next day in class Mrs. Hackle gave me academic detention in her room after school for failing my last test.

I was horrified ! One whole hour in that room!

I showed up on time and sat down at a desk as far away from my normal desk by the cabinet as I could."Please sit at your normal desk benjamin" said Mrs. Hackle looking up.

I gulped as I made my way to my desk. 10 minutes after I started my make-up work she said "I'm going to use the restroom, stay here!" I began to beg her to allow me to go o the bathroom as well but she simply said "You may use it after I return" and walked out locking the door behind her. She had no idea that she might have just doomed me. I kept my head down and tried to focus on my work, resisting the urge to look at the cabinet. I heard the scratching sound again and summed up my courage and said "Who's there?". I was shocked to here a muffled reply " she's locked me in here, she keep's the key...taped under her desk. It sounded like a boy's. I walked over to the desk and quickly located the key, I brought it to the cabinet and was about to place it in the key-hole when a gnarled gray had reached out and grabbed it from me. I fell backwards as the hand quickly stuck the key in the hole and unlocked it.

The door opened with a rusty Creeeeeeeeeeeek. And out stepped a thing. It was gray and with warts covering it's entire body. Two row's of yellow, crooked teeth filled it's huge grinning mouth.It smelled horribel like a mix of rotting flesh and sewege. I crawled backward as the thing came close slowley hunching twoards me "Your turn!" it said in a raspy voice as it reached out it's gnarled hands toward me ...And I blacked out.

It's been a wile since then and I learned long ago that no one can hear me yelling inside the cabinet, it's been what 5...10 years? It doesn't matter. There's a new boy who sits at my old science desk. He has detention tomorrow, and I think it's his the cabinet.

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