Short story is about a guy name striggen who is an aspiring writer/poet/playwrite who encounters events in his life that will forever change his life and the way plays would be wrote going forward in his era.



In a time where literature played less in the society, and gain was more about strength and sport one poet decided to change the course.  Far in the eastern regions of France there lived a poet by the name of Striggens.  Striggens was a man who in his middle twenties wrote many pieces of literature by which he tried to share, but was denied due to the lack of interest people had in his readings.At that time war and politics ruled the world and people were more concerned about how the war would play out versus actually trying to read things to make them feel better.  Striggens was the 2nd out of three kids by which he had an older sister and younger brother.  His mother worked as a maid to a rich politician and his father was a well-known tailor.  His sister was awaiting marriage to a family friend by which she worked at the local library.They lived in a two bedroom house by which his mom and dad had a room.  His sister slept on the couch and Striggen and his brother shared a room.  They were not the best conditions, but the conditions were good enough for them.  They made due and always had what they needed versus what they wanted. 


As Striggen continued to write his poems. and short stories he come realize that what he was writing about was something that needed to be shared.  His mother and father supported his craft and often tried to get customers and the clients who they worked for to take headed to their sons’ work by which they had no interest.  Striggen was at the lowest point in his life by which none of his works were being heard, and he could not even afford to keep a steady job to help out his parents that at the time were ok, but could use another income in the house.  Young broke, and determined Striggen decided that he would perform his writings in the town hall for donations.  He set up his first performance in the town hall by which he was laughed at because the people did not understand what he was saying or reading.  Instead of making donations they would walk by laughing at him and even putting things other than money in his favorite hat that he used to take the donations with. After about month of trying Striggen decided to give up speaking in the town hall.  He figured that he was going unnoticed and the people did not understand his choice of words or appreciated the art of poetry. 


Years went by which now Striggen is in his thirties.  The renaissance period was upon us by which artist, poets, inventors all thrived.  It was a period of creativity minus one thing.  The unknown artist, Striggen.  Striggen decided he would make a living taking after his father and becoming a tailor.  He mastered the skill after years of watching his father doing it and helping him out from time to time.  He was at peace so he thought until he realized that a lot of the clients his father was bringing in was not that of politicians and regulars, it was that of poets, writers, and artist.  They would come in speaking so intellectual and reciting writings that they have wrote, or singing songs they have sung. Striggen acting as if he was not aware of the clientele would act as if he was not interested in wanting to recite and performs. his work that he had shelfed to become a tailor.  Until one day when he got an unexpected visitor to get their items. Tailored.  Renaldoph Frederickson was a renowned writer and playwright during that time.  He was in dire need of a tailor as he had a wardrobe malfunction at one of his previous plays he wrote and was in need of a stitching.  Upon entering the shop renaldoph was in total disarray and did not know if what he requested could be done.  Striggen informed him that he could assist with fixing his trousers to make sure they were the same as before.  Even though Striggen was a tailor he still was intact with his artistic side.  So as Striggen begin to fix Mr. Fredericksons attire he simply asked him a question that would change Striggens life forever.  He asked if he had time to read one of his writings.  Which Mr. Frederickson stated he did seeing as if his pants would take some time to fix.  He let him read a “midnight summer escapade”.  This was the first of many writings that Striggen wrote.  To his surprise Mr. Fredericksons eyes begin to open as if he was in tune with the writing.  Striggen advised that the pants would take more time and he could come by first thing in the morning to pick them up in time for his show later on that evening.  Mr. Frederickson stated that that would be fine, but wanted to take the writing with him if he could.  To his delight Striggen proceeded to say yes he could as he has a copy of it on hand.  Mr. Frederickson then proceeded to say thank you and he will return tomorrow morning to pick up his pants.  Striggen jumped with joy as if his dream had finally came true of being a great writer and that Mr. Frederickson would help him get to where he needed to be.


Unfortunately Mr. Frederickson was not that person.  Upon arriving at the tailor shop the next morning Mr. Frederickson proceeded to tell Striggen that the story was simply amazing and that it was a most delightful read.  He then returned the copy he had borrowed, received his pants and told Striggen he should come out to the show tonight and that he could be a special guest.  Striggen with amazement said yes he would be most honored to come and be a spectator at the most illustrious writer’s play tonight.  Mr. Frederickson said good and he could not wait to see him there. 


7 o’clock


The line is long at the leasium theatre.  Everyone is waiting to see what play the great renaldoph Frederickson is going to perform.  Happy to be in attendance, Striggen wears the best tailored suit his dad could make for him.  As he walks from the opposite direction to get in line he notices Mr. Frederickson who immediately tells him to come thru this way as he is he special guest.  Striggen excited says ok and proceeds into the backdoor where is in encompassed by actors, and actresses who participcate in the greatest play writers plays.  Makeup artist, costume desingers, the best in the world is all in one room.  Striggen could not believe what he was seeing and felt that he just may have finally arrived to what he wanted so much in his life.  Overcome with joy Mr. Frederickson asked Striggen if he could sit in the front in a chair he had reserved for him. 


It is now 7:30 and the people are now filling in the seats in the leasium.  Striggen is on cloud nine but also nervous because he by far has the best seat in the house.  He is met by a woman name Christina Natale who happens to be the competition.  She is also a play writer and while in town decided to check out the play that everybody has been dying to see since the great renaldoph Frederickson wrote it.  Lights dim and people start to clap.  Renaldoph comes out on stage and says thank you for the applause.  He then proceeds to tell everyone they are in for a treat by which this play is probably the best one who has ever written. Then it happens.  He announces the name of the play to be a “midnight summer escapade”.  Furious with anger Striggen quietly sits there as Rrenaldoph looks at him after he says the name of the play.  Ms. Natale looks at Striggen as if she notices that he is bothered.  She asked him “where is the happy excited guy i met when i first sat down”.  Striggen proceeded to say “who would be happy to know that their work is being used in a play by someone who they let read it to see if they could possibly help them get their foot in the door”.  At that moment Ms. Natale then knew why Striggen reacted the way he did.  Still furious Striggen sat there because he wanted to see how the play would turn out, but at the same time have a word with Mr. Frederickson.


9 o’clock


 The play is coming to its conclusion.  Mr. Frederickson comes out on stage to a standing ovation by the audience.  People are shouting “what a marvelous play, by far the best they have seen”. Roses are being tossed on the stage from every direction. Women are throwing themselves at him because the play was so stimulating mentally. The actors, and actresses proceed to come out on stage as well and indulge in the marvelous spectacle of the standing ovation.  During all of this Striggen is buying his time to have a word that so desperately needs to be said. 


After everyone departs the theatre Striggen notices Mr. Frederickson coming in his direction.  Mr. Frederickson arrogantly said i would like to thank you for the inspiration your work has given me.  The play was a success and i owe it all to you.  Striggen then proceeded to say that he will not allow Mr. Frederickson to reap the benefits of his hard work and will see that one day the truth be told.  Mr. Frederickson confident it would never happen said “i am the greatest play writer of this time, who would believe a tailor, whose dad is a tailor and mom a maid?”  In disgust triggen proceeded to exit the theatre furious with anger he takes it out by throwing over props, and punching the wall as hard as he can, until he hears a familiar voice.  It is Miss Natale.  She asked Striggen “so tell me, if he stole your work and the play was a success how would you like to join me while i am in town and help me write a play that will make his look as if he would not have wrote it?”  Striggen in a stern mad voice agreed. There was nothing more he would like to do then to get even with Mr. Frederickson.  Ms. Natale even offered him payment for helping her and an advance for him to start writing.  Striggen who has been writing for years had countless amounts of work under his belt.  He told Ms. Natale that he would come by where she is staying and bring some of the short stories and plays that he has locked away for years for them to go over them to see if there was one that would overwhelm everyone if they ever were to see it. Ms. Natale agreed, gave him the address where she can be reached and told him to come by around noon.


Noon the next day


It’s noon and Striggen and Ms. Natale are going thru some of Striggens work that he has had shelfed for years.  As they dive into all the short stories, novels, and poems he has written, something caught Ms. Natale’s eye.  It was a play write called the death of symphony 49.  The play write was about an orchestra of 49 members who toured the world and performed masterpieces of music, but unexpectedly the group had competition who were not as highly recognized as them, and decided to murder all 49 members one at a time.  As Ms. Natale noticed this she made mention that Mr. Fredericksons total makeup of artist in his plays totaled 49. Brilliant said Striggen who with his pen decided to implement the names of the people involved in Mr. Fredericksons plays into his own since everyone was aware that the play they were performing was written by him.Striggen, begin adding the names as Ms. Natale sat back and watched in amazement.  She asked him how he could possibly remember every name of the person who he had met.  Striggen simply replied, when your lifes work is taken from you and thrown in your face, would you not remember who did it to you?  With that Ms. Natale replied you are absolutely correct.  So as he stayed adding the names Ms. Natale continued to go thru the poems. And short novels, and stories that Striggen had written.  2 hours went by and Striggen was almost complete with adding the names of the members into his story.  Ms. Natale asked Striggen if he would like to join her for some lunch.  He agreed.  Once complete Striggen and Ms. Natale went to a restaurant upon which was met by he hiMs.elf.  Mr. Frederickson.  With an arrogant smile and speech he proceeded to say.  Look who is here, only the second best play write in the world next to mwah.  Ms. Natale uttered and said something disturbing by which rattled Mr. Frederickson and his manliness. Mr. Frederickson asked if they were going to attend his play tonight, which the same play him stoll from Striggen is.  Then after asking instantly said but of course it’s been sold out so i guess you won’t be attending. Laughing hysterically with his fellow actors and actresses Striggen mentions that he and Ms. Natale are working on a play write that is to die for.  And he meant literally.  After saying that Mr. Frederickson asked and what do we call this play write.  Striggen said it will be announced at the time in which you will be sitting in the front row and all other 48 members are invited to join you as well.Mr. Frederickson laughing hysterically as if Striggen was joking stated that i why would i have to sit here and watch a play that will not compete to the masterpiece that i have crafted.  Strigeen said, because the play you got was only a fraction of the play that we are going to conduct.  Striggen also said, and there is a surprise by which it involves all of you.  Paused for the moment, Mr. Frederickson and his party were actually contemplating what the surprise would be, by which sparked their curiosity. So with that being said Mr. Frederickson said he would be attendance and he is glad it’s on a day where he will not be performing.  To the delight Ms. Natale said that was the whole plan and smiled. Upon her smiling Mr. Frederickson and his party left the premises not being seen except on stage at his play until the big night.


3 days later


Ms. Natale and Striggen are having auditions for the part of 49 that will be played.  It is a tedious process by which they must do quick as they play is a month away and they need time to practice the lines and be in sync with one another.  Every person that auditioned was not good enough to be the one who will kill all 49.  So Ms. Natale came up with an idea that Striggen, be the one to play the part.  Striggen looked as Ms. Natale, as red as a cherry and said me.  How could i possibly play the part of the one who kills 49, i am no actor.  Ms. Natale asked Striggen, “arent they the ones who initially killed you by stealing your play write?  Striggen at a loss for words said “yes, you are absolutely correct”.  “They most certainly humiliated me, and stole what was mine”.  And with a wif of confidence Striggen said “i will play the part”.  Ms. Natale was so excited inside although she remained calm on the outside.  This was it.  It was Striggens time to show everyone who doubted his work, who laughed at his writings, who told him in the square he would never be an actor, or recite anything to prove them wrong.This was the defining moment he had hoped for, for so long to happen. 

3 weeks before the start of the play

Now that the entire pieces are in play they have begun to start practicing for the magnificent play that Striggen has created.  Ms. Natale is sitting there watching them practice and to her delight she is surprised that Striggen is as good as an actor as he is a writer.  This by far might be the longest play write Ms. Natale has been involved in since a couple of years ago when she was the number one play write.  But over time age caught up with her, and her writings of always now became sometimes if hardly at all.  Striggen is not aware but Ms. Natale has come into contact with carpal tunnel which causes her hands to hurt terribly as she writes.  Striggen does not know it but this would Ms. Natales last play write as she will decide to call it quits after 35 years of doing it. Ms. Natale is in a daze thinking about her life, the play writes she has composed, and the fact that she decides to retire after this play write, when Striggen calls her name but nothing.  So he goes to her and taps her on the shoulder upon which she comes to.  Striggen ask Ms. Natale did she happen to catch the scene they just recently rehearsed.  Ms. Natale in a sweet way said no Striggen i was simply in a daze, by which everyone started to laugh out loud.


2 weeks before the start of the play

Now with only two weeks to go Striggen and the staff are constantly working hard on each scene as they have 49 to get right.  They have gone thru the walkthroughs, they have rehearsed countless hours, now it is time to actually put it into effect in front of a small crowd of fellow critics so they can go and write about the play write and what it is comprised of. Striggen wanted to keep the play write under an hour if possible, but with a lot of the things he can still add may be more like 2.  So they proceed to start the play for the critics. Thru the first 20 scenes all you see is the critics on the edge of their seats waiting for the next scene to come on.  Every scene being shown is a count of a member of the 49 being done away with in a way that has never been shown before in any play write before.  All i can say is that Striggens imagination is overwhelming the critics in a good way.  They are trying to find flaws in the play by which they have not yet.  30 scenes later and they are still in awe.  There has been 30 different ways of which the members so far have parished. It only keeps the excitement because they are on edge waiting to see how the next will fall. Now at 40 with only 9 more ways for each to fall they are amongst each other commenting on how everything in the play is different and how each way of death is different from the other.  They can’t believer that one person could come up with so much in a play write.  They are taking notes and obviously the reviews are good.  So now on 49 they are awaiting to see how it all unfolds.  Eyes open, mouth dropped.  They can’t believe what just happen.  By far the most creative, compelling, scene of the play.The critics then jot down their notes and formulate reviews amongst one another. They advised Striggen that the reviews will be posted in the paper a day before the actual play started.


A week before the play


One whole week before the big day and nobody could have more butterflies then Striggen.  The other actors are all naturals and are used to the stage.  However Striggen has never performed in front of an audience in a live play write. He then begins to question if he will forget his lines, or if he will not be able to go on stage at all.Not trying to show his nervousness he forces himself to act as if nothing is bothering him.  Unfortunately Ms. Natale picked up on it.  She suddenly stops rehearsal and ask to speak with Striggen.She begins by asking him why is he so nervous? As she can tell by the way he moves and has been speaking the lines in the play.  She mentioned there is no conviction and he is not the same person he was a week ago when the critics came. Striggen finally admitted to Ms. Natale that he was nervous as this is something new for him.  He also mentioned what if he fails, or what if nobody likes the play write.  Ms. Natale calmy said to him, not everything you do in life will be to the liking of everyone, but as long as you believe in your talent and ability then the sky is the limit.  With that being said Striggen again became confident.  He had forgotten the whole reason why he was doing the play to begin with.  He then remembered how embarassed he was to have to see his work displayed and praised by a standing ovation from the crowd to someone who cheated him.  This was not business for Striggen, this was personal.


2 days before the play


2 days before the play and Striggen and the crew are finishing up some minor details that needed to be added.  Upon one being how number 49 dies.  There are many different variations as to how it happens however he wants to make sure that it is something that will not be forgotten. The first 48 deaths will build up as each one is displayed so the audience is always wondering how the next one dies next. 


Evening 2 days before the play


Ms. Natale asked Striggen if he and she could possibly have a dinner tomorrow night before the play will begin.  Striggen let Ms. Natale know that he would be glad to squire her around the town and that it will be his treat.  To her delight she smiled and said well.  Striggen also made the reservations at one of the best restaurants in the city. Reservations where set for 7 by which Ms. Natale and Striggen parted ways for the evening.


Evening of the day before the play


It is 7 and Ms. Natale and Striggen are being seated at their table.  Ms. Natale proceeds to order a glass of wine, upon which Striggen orders a glass of water.  Ms. Natale then asked Striggen does he know why she asked him to have dinner with her.  Striggen advised that he is not aware why she asked him to dinner.  Ms. Natale took off her glasses and proceeded to tell Striggen that this will be her last play write and that she is deciding to hang it up.  Striggen all of a sudden gets a confused face and asked why.  Ms. Natale advised Striggen that she can no longer write stories as her hand continue to hurt as she writes.  Plus her age also at this time in her life she just wants to enjoy life, live, and travel and see the world.Striggen then asked Ms. Natale, what she planned on doing with the business.  She simply said i was thinking about turning it over to you.  Striggen immediately asked her to reconsider her retiring as he was not prepared to take on something of that magnitude and that he did not think he would be able to manager it the way she could.  Ms. Natale told Striggen that she has been preparing him this whole time to manage with him having the ability to write the play, direct it, and even get involved in the picking of the actors and actresses of the play as well.Ms. Natale let Striggen know that he will do well, and she is never far away to reach out to her in the event he needed anything or advice on what to do.  As he sat there he had a moment of achievement.  From the streets of reading his writings and reciting his poem’s. and being egged, from having his play write stolen from him by another play write who was credited and successful, but now more famous and credited because of the play write he wrote, from working in his father’s tailor shop as a Taylor, he finally made it and his dream of doing what he loved to do is coming to fruition.  For the rest of the dinner Ms. Natale and Striggen talked about the excitement of tomorrow night, and the coming days and play writes that he has at his disposal which he will put into action as well.


Day of the play


The time is now, the stage is set, and there is no turning back from his destiny.  It is the day that everyone, most importantly Striggen has been waiting for.  Play day.  The costumes are prepared and early morning walkthroughs are being conducted.  Everyone is anxious as the hours continue to go by, they become more and more excited about the start of the play.  This was it.  The defining moment was upon us. 


Play time


The line is long at the Leasium theatre.  Mr. Frederickson and his cast of 48 are there waiting to see how the play will unfold.  To his delight Striggen approaches him and advises that he and the 48 cast members are guest and that they have special seats for them reserved.  Mr.. Frederickson in delight said why thank you, it will be most joyful to see the play write that i doubt could match up to the one i happen to show.  Striggen with a snicker asked them to follow him.  He takes them to the side of the stage, by which there are exactly 49 seats.  Striggen asked Mr. Frederickson to sit in a particular seat because he wanted him to get a good look at the play in its entirety.  But of course he said and sat in the seat that he can capture all of what is to come.


The theatre is packed, and everyone is awaiting g the start of the play.  Before it starts Ms. Natale comes out on stage where she announces that this will be her last play write.  Mr. Frederickson amused with the information stated to his cast that he will not be number one for a long time as there will be no one to challenge him.  But then Ms. Natale in turn says that she will be replaced by the true writer of the play write a “midnight summer escapade” Striggen.  The crowd is in awe and everyone starts to question whether or not Mr. Frederickson was the creator of that play write.  She asked everybody to look under their seats, except Mr. Frederickson and his party, and find copies of the actually play write that was written by Striggen hiMs.elf. The crowd however thought this was a feable attempt to make Mr. Frederickson look back.  Then she stated tonight it will be proven with the play we like to call “the death of symphony 49”.  Lights go off then when they come back on Striggen is on stage.  Everyone is like where did MS. Natale go, and how did he get up there so fast without us even knowing.  Striggen said that this play is about a group of individuals who have done some things to get to the top, however since their rise was not that of a honest one, they all paid with the consequences of their actions, meaning the death of all members of symphony 49.



Scene 1

Member had his neck broken by someone’s bare hands

Scene 2

Member was stabbed in both eyes with a pencil

Scene 3

Member was choked to death

Scene 4

Member was drowned

Scene 5

Member was suffocated with a pillow

Scene 6

Member ran over by a horse

Scene 7

Member was beat to death with a bat

Scene 8

Member was member was gang beat to death

Scene 9

Member was stabbed in the back left to bleed to death

Scene 10

Member was attacked by a pack of bees

Scene 11

Member dies from a hammer to the head

Scene 12

Member dies from a spear in the back

Scene 13

Member dies from their head being smashed in by someones foot

Scene 14

Member is poisoned to death

Scene 15

Member is bitten by a cobra

Scene 16

Member is eaten by alligator

Scene 17

Member is chained to a weight and hands tied to drown to death

Scene 18

Member is put in gas machine until dead

Scene 19

Member is shot with a bow and arrow to the heart

Scene 20

Member contracted the flu and died

Scene 21

Member was bitten by a rat and died of rabies

Scene 22

Member was decapitated

Scene 23

Member was set on fire after having gas thrown on them

Scene 24

Member was eaten alive by crows

Scene 25

Member was shot in the heart

Scene 26

ArMs. and legs tied to four horses and pulled

Scene 27

Slowly stabbed in the heart with a sword

Scene 28

Brutally beaten with a meat cleaver

Scene 29

Lynched from a tree in the forest

Scene 30

Pushed off a mountain

Scene 31

Suspended in the air by a rope and dropped onto a steak

Scene 32

Eyes smashed in by two thumbs

Scene 33

Stabbed in the throat with a pencil

Scene 34

BrooMs.tick stuck up rectum

Scene 35

Lifted by a hook in the stomach to bleed to death

Scene 36

Taken out to sea and fed to sharks

Scene 37

Pitchforked in the side of the head

Scene 38

Tied to a wheel barrel and spun around until they were encompassed in the water.

Scene 39

Was put on a swing and swung until the spear pierced their private area by which they bled to death

Scene 40

Was dragged for 20 miles with no harMs. by the legs

Scene 41

Member was covered with hot coal.

Scene 42

Member was covered with scorpions and stung to death

Scene 43

Member was eaten alive by a village of cannibals

Scene 44

Member was burned like a witch on a steak with no clothes

Scene 45

Member was skinned alive and had eyes removed and teeth

Scene 46

Member was butchered with butcher knife with their hands and feet tied to the end of a table on their stomach.

Scene 47

Member had acid poured down throat and rectum

Scene 48

Member was thrown in the arena with three lions with only one arm after one being cut off



The audience could not believe what they were witnessing the death scenes were so gory and unique that could not wait to see how the last member would die.  But before that Striggen asked everyone who was a member of Mr. Frederickson’s cast to look under their seat and pull out whatever they feel under there.  Each member had something that represented each scene in the movie.  Mr. Frederickson went to go and grab his, but to his delight he did not see anything.  Strigeen advised him and the crowd to look above.  There stood 5 giant penduluMs. in the air.  Strigeen then said for this next scene i would ask Mr. Frederickson to be a part of it since he was the best play write in the world.  Mr. Frederickson denied the opportunity to go on stage however the crowd was very persistent in chanting “Frederickson” to get him to go on the stage.  He then said alright, alright, why not.  So he proceeded to the statge by which there was a flat bench with 5 straps.  Mr. Frederickson asked what this is.  Striggen said please lay back and enjoy yourself.  So with that being said Mr. Frederickson sat back and was immediately strapped in.  As he was strapped in he begin to wonder if those 5 penduluMs. were real.  Then in a loud voice, Striggen said.  Behold the great play write of our century Mr. Frederickson who now lies on a bench with real penduluMs. hanging from the ceiling. Will he survive?  There are 5 swinging penduluMs. which will all swing between the 5 different sections of the straps.  Suddenly strigeen says ready.  Ready.  The penduluMs. begin to swing in sync then all of a sudden the swing then begins to change and all of them are now swinging at different speeds and directions.  Mr. Frederickson looking above laughs and says this is such a great play write and those fake penduluMs. of yours are amazing, how did you craft them to look so real. With that being said Striggen took a piece of apple and threw it at one of them by which the apple split in two.  Mr. Frederickson just realized that they were real and he was strapped and could not free hiMs.elf to get out.  As the penduluMs. continued to swing and drop Striggen asked Mr. Frederickson to confess to not being the creator of the play write ““midnight summer escapade”.  Mr. Frederickson continued to struggle while saying Striggen come on really?  Why would that be the writing of an amateur?  So the pendulum drops again another level.  At this point Mr. Frederickson is becoming more and more frantic which each drop.  Striggen ask him again, who is the original play writer for “midnight summer escapade”. Mr. Frederickson’s answer changed up from me to i will never tell because everyone knows i am.  Pendulum drops again.  By this time the police are alerted however the theater dorrs have been bolted from the inside so no one can get in. So as the police are outside banging on the door, it could not be heard due to the noise level in the auditorium.  Once again Striggen asked Mr.. Frederickson who wrote the play write and he still insisted he was not going to say anything.  The pendulum drops again and again, and again until it is about a yard from Mr.. Frederickson.  So Striggen asked him again.  He kept saying he will never tell with all the emotion in his body coming out thru the tears running down his face.  Pendulum drops again and when he heard that and he finally admitted to him stealing Striggens play write and claiming it as his own.  The crowd was stunned and silenced until then they begin to throw things on the stage at Mr.. Frederickson in disgust.  They begin to swear on him and said they were ashamed that he would lie about it being his work.They spent many dollars seeing the play write and demanded that they get their money back for him being a fraud.  At that moment Striggen unhooked Mr.. Frederickson and let him be free.  Mr. Frederickson face red and covered with snot and tears was so embarrassed and mad at what happen that he tried to attack Striggen.  But to his dismay Striggen proceeded to get him in a lock by which they were able to restrain him.  Finally after hours of knocking the police were able to get thru.  They demanded to know what was going on and who the culprit was.  Striggen proceeded to say that it was him and he is the one that should be taken into custody.  The police went to go and grab Striggen but Mr.. Frederickson said that it was a simple misunderstanding and took something from Striggen by which he deserved what has happened to him today.  The police could not do anything because no crime had been committed so they left upset because no one was brought to justice and they basically just wasted their time coming to the theater. 


After the play

So after the play Striggen and Mr. Frederickson had a heart to heart by which Mr.. Frederickson apologized to Striggen for stealing his work and was sorry for all the pain he has caused him.  Striggen forgave him and the two of them decided that they will have a friendly competition amongst one another to keep the two of them grounded but also to allow them to make the other one better with watch play that they do.  Ms. Natale in delight stepped in and said that she was very proud of the two of them for being men about the situation and resolving their issues.  After saying that she smiled and suddenly she made a face and reached for her heart.  She was having a heart attack by which it could not be stopped.  She died on the stage where she initially did her first play write.  Striggen now at a loss for words was wondering how he was going to be able to do it all by hiMs.elf.  He became stressed, but a hand reached out to him and said if you need any pointers i can give them to you.  It was Mr.. Frederickson.  He told Striggen that he did a good job with this play write, why could he not do the same for some to come?  Striggen smiled and said you are right, and immediately begin to be confident in his ability to write plays, and the next one he dedicated to MS. Natale calling it “the life of a songbird who died on stage”.


The end.


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