All Dressed In Black

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Based on a real dream I had about myself.

Submitted: November 27, 2011

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Submitted: November 27, 2011



My eyes slowly flutter open, and I press my hand against the cold glass.
A quiet gasp escaped my mouth as I looked at everyone in the crowd.
None looked up at me, they all just looked down, black hoods covering their faces.
"Are you ready?" a low voice asked, and when I heard the reply I froze.

Knots twist in my stomach as I suddenly feel totally light, hearing hushed chatter.

"I am sorry for your loss." a woman said to someone, and I heard a reply but couldn't make out the words.

The voice did sound familiar to me though- a bit too familiar.

As I tried to put my finger on it, I felt heavy again and I saw people with black hoods above me, pulling a rope.

I looked around the small space I was in, feeling the softness of it.

I looked at my hands and saw the beautiful white gloves I was wearing.

Then I looked down and saw the long white gown I was wearing, noting that it was made from silk.

"Beatiful." I whispered before hearing a voice.

"Pandora Williams lived a very short life, as we all know. We come here today to grive her death, yet celebrate her life."

Grieve her death?

I'm not dead!

Then I froze as the realization came over me, and I knew exactly what was happening here.

I was in a coffin, and I was being buried.

They all thought I was dead, yet I was in this coffin alive.

I bashed my fists against the glass, calling out.

"Hello?! I'm alive! Let me out!"

Nobody even glanced up, and I was becoming more and more frantic the more they ignored me.

"Please! I'm alive!"

I cried, banging my fists harder and harder against the glass.

I heard the priest continue to talk before I stopped banging, crying out in panic.

"Lay your roses on her grave and pray for her health and wellbeing in the afterlife."

This was my chance!

Someone was bound to see me now!

"Yes." I breathed as a hooded figure leaned down and put a beautiful red rose down.

I couldn't see his face, and I became worried when he got up without noticing me.

I started banging my fists against the glass again as another hooded figure came and put a red rose down.

As more and more of them put their red roses on the coffin, I knew that none of them would notice me and I was losing hope.

Then one more hooded figure came after a moment, leaning down.

I saw it put a hand on it's hood and pull it back, and my blood ran cold at what I saw.

There was nothing.

No skin, no flesh, just a skeleton.

I cried out in shock as it looked down, a smile forming as skin slowly appeared and it formed a face.

Studying the face closely, I froze and screamed.

The face was me.

I had no eyes, only black.

My lips were pulled back into a sinister smirk, and I wore black lipstick.

My luscious brown hair was pulled back into a bun, and I wore a black veil over my face.

Finally my fists broke the glass, and blood poured from my hand.

My other self leaned down and smiled at me.

"You're supposed to be dead. This is your funeral, remember?"

She had my exact voice, but it sounded..dead. Hollow.

As I stared up at her in horror, her smile only widened.

"Don't you remember your life, Pandora? You were nothing nothing at all. And guess what? This is you!"

She ran her hands down her black dress, identical to my white one.

"What are you talking about?"

I whispered, and my other self held up a black rose.

"You were dead. Hollow. And you thought I was nothing more than just a pigment of your imagination. But I was there all along, just waiting to take your place when you finally realized that this was supposed to be!"

Suddenly the glass reappeared, and the hood was placed over my other self's head.

I saw her other self smile from under the hood before she placed a black rose on the coffin, and the last thing I saw were the guests at my funeral.

No tears, no frowns, just my guests all dressed in black.

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