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Characters pictures for my novel As Hope Subsides. ?

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



altKenzie Saint [portrayed by Kate Beckinsdale]

Kenzie is the main character in As Hope Subsides. She's considered a bit of a nerd at school, but when she's around Sinclair, she has her wild moments. She loves to read and needs glasses when she reads as well. She'll stand up for what she believes in, but otherwise she prefers to just stay in Sinclair's shadow.

altSinclair White [portrayed by Ashley Benson]

Sinclair is a very confident person and, like Kenzie, will stand up for absolutely anything that she believes in. She's absolutely wild and is always ready for an adventure. She loves to party and has a lot of spirit.

altKyle Williams

Kyle is the most popular guy at high school and he always manages to get what he wants. He's really mean and harsh around his friends and all of the school but when he's alone with someone you can really see that he's an alright guy.

altVeronica Adams

Veronica is...well, she's different. She's bold, confident, and doesn't care what anybody thinks of her. She swears like a sailor as mentioned in chapter 4 and instantly befriends Kenzie.

altLauren Smith

Lauren is the school bitch and used to be Sinclair's best friend in primary school before changing in high school by becoming a cheerleader, dissing Sinclair and leaving her to get on with her life. Lauren isn't a slut, but she can't maintain the same boyfriend for too long. Kyle and Lauren seem like the perfect power couple, but Lauren isn't getting Kyle's attention too well. Lauren can be kind when she wants to, but other than that she really is a bitch.

Author Note: So, those are my character pictures so far. I might add more further into the story, but it's not too likely. Comment to tell me what you think of my pictures ?

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