Look With Your Heart, Not With Your Eyes

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Everybody thought he was perfect for her.
They looked so happy together, and she went from place to place, always smiling.
Only, nobody saw what was going on inside of her.
Her only wish was that people would stop looking with their eyes and look with their heart.

Look With Your Heart, Not With Your Eyes

"Oh, you two are just perfect for eachother!"

"They look so amazing together!"

"She's lucky she caught his eye. He's such a charmer!"

That gleaming smile that I always wore,

The happy expression of my mother and father.

I try to tell them that I don't love him,

And my life is nothing but a lie.

I silently will them to grab my arms and take me away from him,

Telling me that it'll be okay and that I'll never see him again.


I remember the high-school days,

When we first met under the big oak tree.

"You're sitting at my table." he pointed out, a smile on his lips.

"Can you share?" I asked, playing along.

"Hmm...I don't know about that. All though, I can't have you telling anyone else about this place."

"Why not?"

"Cause it's my place. My secret place. You tell anyone, and I'll have to kill you."

I laughed.

"Well then, if you share with me, I won't tell."

He sat down next to me on the bench and smiled at me.

"My name is Chris. Chris Daniels. What about you?"

"I'm Alison. Alison Corey."


I giggled.


After that we would meet eachother over and over again, sitting under the oak tree and talking with eachother.

"My parents only deal with me because they know they'll go to jail if they just kick me out."

It hurt me to hear him say that.

And I had thought my parents were bad before that.

"Yeah well, my parents don't care much for me either. My mother will only be proud if I meet someone I love, get married and have a successful life. As for my father, well, he's only happy if my mother is happy. I guess that's why he hits me sometimes. Because he's just..not  happy."

He looked at me, and I saw sadness in his eyes.

"I'm sorry." he said quietly, grabbing my hand gently.

"Don't worry about it. I mean, it's not..it's not bad or anything." I said, forcing a smile to my lips.

He stood up, gesturing for me to stand up as well.

"What?" I asked, confusion in my head.

He held both of my hands and looked into my eyes.

"Alison, will you be my girlfriend?"


We were happy together after that.

Sitting together at lunch because we had no classes together,

And walking home with him was fantastic.

Even my parents started shaping up.

My father quit smoking, and my mother is always so happy, which makes my father happy too.

Overall, he made everyone happy.


Then one day,

He had taken me to the lake and we were standing together,

Just watching the water.

He then turned to me, a gleam in his eye.

I tilted my head slightly,

And he smiled and knelt down on one knee, grabbing my hands in his.

"Oh my god." I breathed, and his smile widened.

"Alison Lee Corey, I promise to love you through every bad hair day, every time we argue and every time you hog all of the cookies from the cookie jar."

He smiled playfully, and I laughed softly.

"I will never leave you for any mistake you make, as long as you promise to do the same for me. What I'm trying to say is..Alison, will you marry me?"

He looked into my eyes, and happiness exploded in my chest.

"Yes!" I screamed, and he stood up as I flung my arms around his neck.

Tears brimmed in my eyes.

This was the best day of my life.


"I can't believe you would do that to me, Chris!"

"Come on, babe! It was just one night. I was drunk, and I made a mistake."

We were both screaming at eachother, and tears were streaming down my cheeks.

"One mistake?! You made way more than one mistake, Chris! Firstly, you lost your virginity to some blonde hooker, and secondly, you promised that we would both do it when we were ready...with eachother."

I was speaking quietly now, and a sob escaped my lips.

Anger was in his eyes, and he grabbed my arm and practically dragged me up the stairs and threw me onto the bed.

"You want to do it when we're both ready, with eachother? Okay, well I'm ready Alison."

"No, Chris!"


This long white dress doesn't feel right on me.

Could it be because of the growing bump in my stomach, or the fact that just seeing him makes me feel sick?

"You look beautiful, darling."

I look into my mother's eyes and see the happiness that lies there.

How can I bear to ruin that for her?

"Mother, I'm pregnant."

I try not to look away as the smile vanishes from her face.

A few seconds later she slaps me, and I hold my cheek in pain and shock.

"You slut!" she yelled, storming out of the room.


"She's such a whore."

"I can't believe she cheated on Chris!"

"And she got herself pregnant with him!"

"Chris is just heartbroken!"

That gleaming smile has vanished,

And the only thing that replaces it is the pain in my eyes.

Nobody can see that though- they only see the slutty intentions that I was thinking when I 'cheated' on him.

Why did he tell people that?

Why did he lie like he did?

It hurts me to look into the eyes of my baby and see his face,

And I just wish that people had looked with their heart, not with their eyes.


Submitted: November 13, 2011

© Copyright 2021 Spread My Wings. All rights reserved.

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