Scarlett In Summer

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Made a little picture challenge for myself, just out of boredom one night.
In this short story, it will base around the scene in the picture.
Hope you enjoy it, sweetie. ?

Submitted: December 15, 2011

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Submitted: December 15, 2011




Scarlett In Summer

The sun shone down as Scarlett pressed her head against the mouse grey horse's, sighing.

"Why must everything be so hard?" she said softly, and the horse whinnied.

Scarlett sighed again and looked around the field, pushing back a strand of ginger hair from her freckled face.

She covered her eyes with her soft hand as the sun shone in her deep green eyes, and the horse pushed it's head against her.

"What is it, girl?" Scarlett asked, standing up and pushing up the sleeve of her yellow polka-dot shirt.

The horse neighed again, and Scarlett laughed softly and got up onto the stray horse's back.

"Let's go back to my house." she told the horse, and she thought she heard the horse breathe out softly, as if in happiness or relief.

Scarlett stopped and jumped off the horse, looking around in worry.

"I don't recognize this as the way I came." she muttered to herself, worried.

"Do you need any help?" a deep, handsome male voice asked.

Scarlett looked up and blushed tomato red, seeing a guy about her age.


"You look a little lost." he pointed out, sounding amused.

"Oh, yeah, right. I am, a little, I guess." she stuttered, and he chuckled.

"What's your horse's name?" he asked, and she looked at the horse.

"She doesn't have a name. I just found her wandering around, so I figured that I would just take her back to my father." Scarlett explained as the guy continued to nod as she spoke.

"Would you like some suggestions?" he offered politely, and she blushed even deeper.

"Yes, I suppose." she replied, and the female horse let out a whinny that sounded more like an amused laugh.


"I like that name, but it doesn't suit her."


"Disgusting. No offence though."


Scarlett paused and looked into the horse's eyes, and it neighed and waved it's head, as if to agree with the name.

Scarlett giggled and looked back to see the guy watching her, a smile at the tips of his lips.

"I think Florence is just perfect." Scarlett breathed, smiling.

"What's your name?" the guy asked, starting to walk as Scarlett lead Florence after him.

"My name is Scarlett Gray." Scarlett told him, and he smiled.

"That's a lovely name." he muttered to himself, and Scarlett was back to blushing.

"Well, my name is Kyle Thomas." he told her, and she smiled at him.

"I've always loved the name Kyle." Scarlett said, and he scoffed.

"I used to know a stupid pig named Kyle." he said, and she wiped her forehead as sweat started to trickle down.

Kyle noticed and glanced at her, slowing his pace.

"Would you like to sit down? We can sit under here." he motioned to a large tree, and Scarlett smiled gratefully.

"I'd love to." she told him, and their eyes met for a split second.

Scarlett looked away quickly, feeling awkward immediately.

"Aren't you going to sit?" Kyle asked her, patting a space next to him.

Scarlett paused, looking at Florence.

Florence neighed and stamped a foot, as if to say I'm staying right here.

Scarlett sat down next to Kyle, and he instantly placed an arm around her shoulders.

She stiffened, and he took his arm away.

"I'm sorry. Was that- god, I'm sorry." he muttered, sounding awkward and disappointed.

"Oh, no." she laughed. "It's not that. I just wasn't expecting you to do that, that's all. But you can if you want."

He again placed an arm around her shoulders, and she sighed.

"I miss this." she muttered to herself, not expecting Kyle to hear.

"Miss what?" he asked, and she glanced at him.

"Being happy." she said quietly, and he looked confused.

"What do you mean?" he asked, and she wordlessly held out her arms, scars and bruises all over them.

"What happened to you?" he asked in disbelief.

tears welled up in Scarlett's pretty green eyes as she spoke.

"It's my father. Ever since my mother died, he just hasn't been the same." she whispered.

"I'm so sorry." he said softly, letting her lean her head against him as her eyes fluttered before drooping.

Scarlett opened her eyes, a leaf dropping on her head.

Someone pushed it away, and she sat up in fear.

"Dad?!" she said in fear, seeing a young guy about her age sitting next to her looking stunned.

Memories then flashed in Scarlett's mind, and she sighed.

"I'm sorry." she whispered, starting to get up. "I need to get home."

"What's wrong?" Kyle asked, worried.

"My father will kill me if I'm not back by three."

"It's past five."

Scarlett sighed in frustration, grabbing her saddle from next to the tree and starting to put it on Florence.

"If your father will hurt you.."


"Whatever. If he'll kill you, then just don't go back to him."

Scarlett paused, dropping the saddle.

"Run away with me." Kyle said softly, and Scarlett looked up at him.

"But don't you have some place to go?" she asked, and he rubbed the back of his neck.

"No. My parents kicked me out when I was 14." he confessed, and Scarlett breathed softly as he approached her.

"I want to run away with you." Scarlett whispered as they held hands.

Their lips finally met, and it felt like forever before the kiss broke.

"I love you." Kyle whispered, leaning in for another kiss.

Scarlett laughed and threw her hands into the air as Florence cantered down the sandy beach.

"I'm in love!" Kyle yelled, and Scarlett threw her hands around his neck, breathing in his scent.

Some kids their age looked at them, small smiles forming on their lips.

Scarlett kissed Kyle on the cheek in pure joy and happiness as they rode off, ready to leave and start a new life elsewhere, forgetting the bad and getting ready to embrace the good.

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