The Fall Of The Angel

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An angel falling from heaven.

Submitted: December 16, 2011

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Submitted: December 16, 2011



May God forbid such beings,

Pandora could feel the blood rushing through her veins.

You have changed your fate, twisting and breaking the bones.

She looked up at her family, watching her from above with not a single emotion on their faces.

The clouds are grey and dark because of you,

She could taste blood in her mouth, yet she could not open her mouth.

Swallow and digest the pain you have brought others,

She swallowed the blood, for she had no other choice.

Let us see what it feels like for you.

It brought a sickening feeling to her stomach, and she had the urge to throw up.

Through life,

Pandora felt a stabbing pain in her stomach, and she clenched her teeth as the clouds cleared.

Through death,

She screamed loudly, unable to breathe now.

Through all evil and dread,

She clenched her fists and continued to gasp and cry as she felt her soul slowly being eaten away by her own evil turning against her.


The earth slowly appeared before her, and she closed her eyes and flung her head back, a cry of fear and pain escaping her dry lips.

Fate will always have it's way.

Her body hit the ground, concrete smashing to pieces.

And the heavens shall always be in peace,

The angels bowed their heads, not a single emotion crossing their faces.

Ridded of all evil,

Their wings were flattened delicately behind their back, white feathers all in place.


Pandora's family closed their eyes, soft breaths escaping their lips.


Gabriel's heart ached with pain as he watched the love of his life fall to her death.

And lies.

Pandora's wicked sister stared down at her falling sister, keeping a smile from forming on her plump pink lips.

As one last cry of pain escapes her wordless lips,

The scream of pain echoed through the skies, causing some to shudder.

We will be in peace....

The angels flew away, some wings white and innocent yet some black and evil.

We will be in peace once again.




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