The Monster Within Herself

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When Taylor looks in the mirror one day, she doesn't see the little miss perfect everyone makes her out to be. She sees a monster, and that monster wants to replace her.

Submitted: December 02, 2011

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Submitted: December 02, 2011



A drop of blood stained the white carpet as Taylor continued to slide the razor across her skin.

"Taylor, you look gorgeous today."

"That dress suits you!"

"How do you get your figure so perfect?"


Taylor May is such a perfect little princess who gets perfect grades and has perfect hair and a perfect figure.

Taylor knows she isn't perfect, and she doesn't deserve to be perfect.

Why can't they see the inside of her?

She was a monster- a monster on the inside, a princess on the outside.

"Taylor, beautiful, dinner will be ready in about half an hour!" her mother yelled from downstairs.

Taylor didn't reply, only covered her wrists which were caked with blood.

Taylor, you are not perfect. You are small and you deserve the hell you consider your life.

Her monster hissed, and she screamed out in frustration, digging her fingernails into her skull.

"Taylor? Is everything alright up there?" her mother called, and Taylor heard her walking up the stairs.

"Don't come in! I'm fine!" she yelled, running and locking her bedroom door just as her mother tried to turn the knob.

"Why is your door locked?" her mother asked, continuing to shake the knob.

Let her in, Taylor. Show her what you've done to yourself, and see how perfect she thinks you are after that.

"Stop it!" Taylor cried, banging her fist against the wall causing more blood to pour from her wrists.

"Taylor Lee May, open this door right now!" her mother was yelling now- frantically, in fear of what was happening to Taylor.

Taylor Lee May, stop ignoring your mother!

Her monster mocked, and Taylor grabbed a photograph off of her bedside table.

It was a picture of her at cheerleading practice, at the top of the pyramid.

Tears streamed down Taylor's face as she threw the picture against the wall, the frame now in pieces.

Her mother continued to bang on the door, screaming Taylor's name over and over again.

Taylor, Taylor, Taylor...

The monster sing-songed her name as she covered her ears, stumbling into her bathroom and turning on the taps in the bath.

She looked up into the mirror to see mascara running down her face, blood red lipstick coating her lips.

Taylor screamed loudly and smashed her fist against the mirror, glass shattering everywhere.

Her hand wouldn't stop bleeding now, and Taylor held it in pain.

What's the matter Taylor? Afraid to see yourself- the monster you really are?

Taylor looked up into the mirror again to see her own face, twisted with eyes as hollow as a huge tree. Her skin was pale, and chunks of skin had been ripped off her cheek.

Taylor lifted her hand and touched her cheek, feeling her face the same as it was before.

"I hate you Taylor May, you're an imposter and a worthless bitch."

She repeated the same words to herself, her will to live slowly dying within itself.

Taylor twisted her head around to stare at the bathtub, water now overflowing.

Go on, Taylor. You know what you want now, don't you?

Taylor nodded, slowly lowering herself into the bathtub.

The water slowly turned from clear to red as her monster laughed.

Taylor lied down in the tub, feeling the steaming hot water scald her skin.

The monster's words echoed in her head, and she breathed out deeply.

"I know exactly what I want."

She lowered her head under the steaming hot water, knowing now that she was at her monster's mercy.

Taylor, what have you done?

Her monster cried suddenly, and images of her happy life flooded into her mind.

Taylor tried to lift her head, realizing that this wasn't what she wanted.

Her blood ran cold with terror when she realized.

She couldn't.

As much as she tried, she couldn't lift her head out from the water.

She couldn't even move, only to blink.

Taylor opened her eyes as black spots clouded her vision, and the last she saw was herself, with hollow dead eyes calling out to her mother that she would be down for dinner soon.




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