Art...Is a Blast! ( deidara love story)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fan Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic chapter = lemon,kay? So not this one,the next one. A simple kiss and languge. Lol.

Submitted: August 01, 2009

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Submitted: August 01, 2009



Bliss walks slowly to her bed,after reading her new book, 'Calamity Catastrope'. Bliss falls into a deep slumber as soon as her head hits the pillow. She walks through a rather pretty meadow, and a cool breeze chills her. She looks down,noticing it hit her skin,not clothes. _Bliss pov_ I look down,and see I'm naked,and quickly slide to the ground,and covering my self. A guy with long blonde hair in a high ponytail look around,and his black cloak stands out aganist the colorful scenery. He sees my naked body,and blushes before I scream,grabbing some stems and drawing clothes. I draw a bra,underwear,and black dress,before slipping them on. I stand up and walk to him,barely reconizing him. " I....I know you. " I say,a flashback coming to mind."Bliss,come on lets play hide and seek,yeah! " A blonde says,pulling my arm. " Ok,Deidara! " Deidara...It's Deidara!? "Deidara! " I scream,tackling him to the ground,piercing blue eyes stinging from tears welling up in them. " Bliss. I see you reconized me,hmm. " His rather deep voice replys.I put my head on his chest,and do what I wanted to do before he left those years ago: I push my head up so our lips were milimeters apart,and whisper, " I wanted to do this....for so long..." I lean in and kiss him.I wake up soon after that,and I notice the walls are made of brick,unlike my room of navy blue. " Hello? Anyone here?" I yell, noticing I'm in the outfit I truly loved; My black,short SHORT dress and I drew a fox tail and fox ears every time I wore it. I walk a step toward the door,but the dim lighting and lightning from outside didn't help. I walk up some stairs,untill I reach the door. I open it slowly peering inside to see a bunch of men in some black cloaks. I open the door so I could fit my tiny body through,but my breasts prevent that. I open the door more before shutting it quietly. I tap the shoulder of a red-head,obviously scaring the hell out of him. " Woah,fuck! Who the" Cliffhanga! So bye!lol!

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