Questions in my Head

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Submitted: September 22, 2017

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Submitted: September 22, 2017



I want to ask why were all here.
Lets just be real.
We all ignore everything like it isnt there.
All the murder, rape, racism, sexism, depression and pain.
We're all animals giving into the tendencies that 'god' gave us.
None of us knows who were are, we all theorize. Right?.
Isnt that why we need religion and stuff? to temper this all? whats the point?
Were ignoring that some 13 year old kid is getting raped and murdered right now.
Still, all our society is about is what is and isnt good enough.
She has a big nose, shes fat, hes stupid, their lazy.
Just shut up.

Were on rock floating through space and who the fuck knows what comes after that.
Why do you care if theres someone out there thats not like you.
You can ignore them and call them a looser, but i tell you now.
If you were in a war and you needed comfort you would start to like eachother.

Who the hell are we trying to be? you realise none of us are anything? a bunch at atoms that could turn to dust the minute we forget where were walking.

For once i want to be looked at with questions and not assumption, because it seems thats all our society means to us.

I want to know whats above and below.
I want to know why we work the way we do.
I want to know why the world always seems blue.
I want to know if were all really doomed.
I want to know what fires are made of.
I want to know what creatures lie bellow.
I want to know why they always seem hollow.
And i want to know why even i seem shallow.

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