2nd TF2 Short Story

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Another short part I found lying around, an actual TF2 Novel might not come out, but little stories about the same characters will.

TF2 and any TF2 characters are the property of Valve, I do not claim ownership of any of them at all.

Submitted: October 03, 2011

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Submitted: October 03, 2011



All the others had left the supplies room. I looked around confusedly, and walked out of the room myself. I entered a room built entirely out of wood, with small groups of hay littering the floor, in stark contrast to the clean, white room I had just left. Looking to my left, I saw a corridor out of the room. Deciding to exit that way, I pulled out my revolver and cautiously exited the room. I walked out onto some battlements, with a corrugated metal fence blocking the enemy’s view of me. In the area below, a bridge spanned between the two forts, with a shallow pool below it. Already the two teams were vying for control over the bridge. I saw Ivan at the forefront, massive minigun propped up against his bulk, firing wildly into the enemy force. And just behind him was Erich, using his bulk as a shield and providing Ivan with constant healing support. Looking back to our battlements, I saw William, his back to a wall, crouching slightly. I started to run towards him, calling his name. He looked up and saw me running towards him. His eyes widened and he got up from his half leaning-half crouching position, dropped his rifle and sprinted towards me. I stopped, wondering why he had reacted in such a way. “GET DOWN!” He yelled as he ran, and tackled me to the ground. I started to yell out in protest, but as I fell, a high powered shot whizzed over us, just where I was just standing half a second before. Hurriedly, William motioned me to lay down behind the window sill that was between us and the enemy sniper. “You bloody fool!” He whispered to me as we lay down, making sure no part of us showed above our hiding place, “Why the hell did you run out, in the open into a bloomin’ sniper barrage?”
“Well how was I to know there was one watching!” I angrily replied.

“The dot mate!” He whispered and pointed to the wall just behind us. A small blue dot wavered there, ready to shoot us if we abandoned our cover. I swore quietly under my breath, I had spent a week doing this non-stop and still hadn’t noticed that the sniper rifles were made in such a way. “Well,” Will started, gathering his thoughts. “One sniper pinning down two people is no way to win a battle.” I nodded, urging him to go on. “So what we gotta do, is both run out at the same time.”

“Wait, won’t that mean one of us might die?” I asked.

“Well if he’s a good enough shot we both could.” He smiled grimly.

“Look that doesn’t help my confidence for this plan.”

“Well look at it like this, we can either stay here, pinned by this sniper, but I would get really bored very fast. And when I get bored, I get stabby.” Will pulls his knife out of his sheath, inspecting its edge. Suddenly, an idea came to me.

“Give me your hat and knife.” I said to him. He looked at me dubiously.

“I’d rather give you my first and second born child.” He replied angrily.

“Look, I may have a way out of this, give me your hat and knife!” I whispered insistently. He grumbled, disputing the idea, then finally gave them both over. I took the hat and laid it on the top of the knife. “When I say run, get ready to…”
“Run? That was kind of obvious.” Said Will, chuckling under his breath. I looked at him exasperatedly, and then slowly raised the knife with the hat on it above the window sill, almost immediately; a shot went off, jarring the knife from my hand and making a hole in the hat. “RUN!” I yelled and we both bolted for the right side of the battlements. I heard the sound of a second bullet hitting the wood behind me just as I reached cover. Will and I put our backs to the wall, breathing heavily. Finally he spoke to me,

“You lost my knife.”
“I saved our lives.”
“Alright they cancel out.” He mused, and then remembered something. “You lost my hat.”
“I proved the other sniper is an idiot.” He rubbed his chin thinking.
“Both are good…” His face went hard, “You got a hole in my hat.”
“That I can’t replace.” I replied. Will chuckled and stood up, picking up his rifle and looking back at me.
“I hope you remember that this is a war zone though, you better get back to stabbing people in the back.” He grinned. I smiled back at him and tried to figure out how I was actually going to get back to stabbing without running across the balcony again. He caught the look in my eyes and sighed. “There’s another way around, just go into the supplies room and drop through the hole in the ground.”
“Thanks.” I smiled sheepishly. I waved goodbye, tipping an imaginary hat. I thought I heard him mutter “Funny guy” before going back to sniping. I walked back into a second spawn room, turned left and sure enough there was a hole in the ground. I took a look at how long it was to the ground, it was only a few metres so I simply jumped from my spawn onto my ground. I looked around, and pinpointed where I was from the briefing by Lieutenant Jackson before the match started. Seeing the long corridor that lead to the courtyard near the spawn, I decided to head the other way. Another thing Lieutenant Jackson said was that there was a sewer system that led into the other teams base. “The sewers give us a lead right into their base, bypassing all defence on the bridge unless someone jumps in the water for a quick dip! Then we give em hell!” Jackson had laughed maniacally, “But I warn you, those sewers are filthier than a spy’s sense of honour!” I smiled ruefully as I thought back to the way he had pointed me out from the team, and then snapped back to reality. I turned right, went down a flight of stairs and found myself in the sewers. I waded through the water, alert for any noise, when from up ahead I heard the sound of someone else wading through the water. The pipe gave me little in hiding spots, except for the water I was wading in. Taking a deep breath, I quietly slipped myself underwater, aware that diving quickly may alert the other person. Opening my eyes in the water, I saw two legs enter my vision, but most importantly they had red colours on them. I raised myself on the water to see Ivan walking towards me. He jumped at my sudden appearance, and then continued towards me. “Where’s Erich? I asked, having just seen him and Erich fighting on the bridge.

“Uhh, Erich is helping the Lieutenant.” Ivan said, continuing towards me.
“Really?” A frown creased my face. Erich barely healed anyone else if Ivan was near, choosing the big man over any other as he can shield more bullets. “So why did you leave Erich?” I asked.

“No ammo left.” Was his reply, he was walking closer and closer to me. Once again, I was troubled. Ivan could have just used the guns on the ground from his dead enemies. I shrugged mentally, and started to walk through the sewers again. Then from far away, echoing throughout the circular sewer tunnel, I head another Ivan yelling. “Thank you doctor!” I looked back to the Ivan heading towards me through the sewers. My blood ran cold as I realized that that wasn’t the real Ivan. Trying to keep my face as level as possible, I walked through the sewers towards him. Hand slowly going to my gun, I also noticed his hand going to the side of his belt. Knowing what that could only mean, I quickly drew my gun and shot straight at Ivan, aiming straight at his chest. Immediately he dived for the side, avoiding my shot and pulling his own gun, but instead of the massive minigun Ivan would usually use, it was a small, pocket sized Spy revolver. I dived backwards, and a shot whistled past my body, ricocheting around the tunnel. Still with 5 shots left in the clip, I shot repeatedly as I fell, aiming in the general direction of the spy. I fell into the sewer, water obscuring my vision. I knew I was dead if he had any skill. Not only was I unable to move at speed, but surfacing would render me unable to take any action of aggression as I cleared my eyes. Also, I needed to reload. I stayed under the water for as long as possible, delaying the moment I surfaced. But finally, with lungs bursting, I crashed through the surface of the water and immediately threw myself to the side, hoping to escape the ensuing bullets. But none came. I horridly drew a sleeve across my face and pulled out my knife, looking towards where the spy and dodged my first shot. Resting against the wall of the tunnel, I saw the usually blue suited spy, but it was stained with the blood of five bullet wounds, all of the ones I had shot desperately had hit. I looked at the rapidly spreading stain of blood permeating the water of the sewer, and decided to try and find another way to the Blu base.

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